Monday, March 3, 2014

Tell us something we didn't know

From NY1:

The city's Department of Investigation and Board of Elections may not be getting off on the right foot.

"The illegalities, misconduct and antiquated operations detailed in the report are deeply corrosive," Mark Peters, the city's new commissioner of the Department of Investigation, said at a City Council hearing Friday.

Peters' target, the city's Board of Elections, was sitting in the second row. As they looked on, Peters combed through a damning investigation of the board, saying that the agency was mired with ineptitude. He went as far as to claim that criminal activity could have occurred.

"There are aspects of this ongoing investigation that could lead us to make criminal referrals," Peters said.

Outside of the hearing, the new commissioner would not provide other details.

"At this point, I can't talk about the specifics," eh said.

"Speculation about criminal charges often go nowhere," said Michael Ryan, executive director of the city's Board of Elections.

The report, released in December, said that the board is overrun by nepotism and had dead voters on its rolls, and is rife with dysfunction.

"Close to 10 percent of the staff at the Board of Elections is related to one another, which suggests significant problems in terms of nepotism and hiring," Peters said.

"That does not necessarily bespeak of, quote unquote, 'nepotism,'" Ryan said. "I have a side of my family that there's multiple firemen."

The report was penned by the previous administration. Mayor Michael Bloomberg loudly criticized the agency. So far, it's unclear if the new mayor will be pushing for similar changes.


Anonymous said...

"I have a side of my family that there's multiple firemen."

Yes Mr. Ryan and they all took a Civil Service written and physical open competitive test and passed an extensive background investigation.

Anonymous said...

Did they investigate any Queens Dem County organization influence on BOE?

Anonymous said...

The BOE is by definition a criminal enterprise designed as a half way house for all the party hacks out of prison or asylums