Thursday, March 6, 2014

Remembering "McDowell's"

From [at the ruins of mcdowell's restaurant] by Matthew Kremer:

in terms of loss, i suppose
that wendy's was the only
'landmark' proper in elmhurst
to speak of
outside of the old elks lodge.
it made me weirdly happy
to know it was there
when i made the move
down this way.
i made it a point
to walk past it when
i first arrived
even though it was ninety
degrees and i was hungover.
some little site for the fancy
to have a cheap thrill.
they say a luxury condo
will be up by summer's end.
one of those ones that has
the nerve to charge three grand
for a two-bedroom apartment

mary's friend at the end
of the bar proclaims.
in f*cking elmhurst!


Anonymous said...

My buns have no seeds.

Anonymous said...

I use to like going to that Wendy's. Lots of memories growing up in Elmhurst. More luxury condos, in my opinion Elmhurst should focus on how to be a middle class neighborhood again, then worry about luxury condos. It went from middle class to crap class. Clean up the sewers, fix the roads, maintain the trees. Make sure people are taking care of their houses. Change zoning so a lot of those one/two family homes are preserved and they give balance to the over development that has already occurred. Give violations to people parked in front of their houses, more landscape and trees vs. paving over everything, violations to homeowners with balconies as a storage unit and fines to businesses who can't seem to clean their windows and storefronts. Put pride back in that community! Enough is enough, Dromm is focusing on the wrong issues in his district. He should be ashamed that after all this time in office Elmhurst still looks like a mess.