Friday, March 7, 2014

More condos for Queens Plaza

From LIC Post:

The latest plans for a 421-unit residential building that will be located next to the Queensboro Bridge were unveiled earlier this week.

The World-Wide Group is developing the building, which will be located at the intersection of 24th street and Queens Plaza North, across the street from Scandals, the strip club.

The development, which has not yet been named, will be 21-stories tall, and will be comprised of apartments ranging from studios to three-bedroom units.

I still don't understand the appeal of living in Queens Plaza. I don't even like to wait for a bus there.


Anonymous said...

It's a very seedy looking area. Always has been.

Anonymous said...

More luxury apartments that no one can really afford. How many of these luxury condos and coops and rentals are actually Occupied?

Anonymous said...

there are barely any apts available on center blvd bldgs my friend

all at capacity

you need to earn more money

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are barely any apartments available, but are they occupied or are they pied-a-terres for Europeans and Asians that come in for 2 weeks a year? That is the big question.

Anonymous said...

No one in middle or working class Queens can afford the type of housing that is being built, yet that is all that we keep getting. It's pretty clear that the powers that be want to transform the city into a rich man's paradise.

J said...

it's appealing to the self-righteous green hipsters and yuppies who can just ride or walk over the bridge to the's also appealing for these morons to either shack up in 3 bedroom apts to keep up their disposable income citylife spending's only to have a faux ersatz high end lifestyle

soon to follow will be more bars posing as restaraunts,coffee shops and other mall chain shops.Mayor zero visions kid's pals will have everything convenient waiting for them.

it's time to escape from new york,soon it will look like it(the movie that is)

georgetheatheist said...

Crapman. I don't even like driving through QP.

Can you imagine raising the kids in front of a QP condo? What a great place to play skully, jump rope and Johnny rides a pony. Let's walk the baby stroller over to the Millstones park.

Anonymous said...

These buildings might be company apartments filled with Asian drones working 16 hour days.

Soon they will be begin to age, and become worker barracks filled with dishwashers, etc. - 5+ per apartment in a lease signed by the patrone.

Explains why Jimmy Van Bramer is such great friends with library honcho George Stamatiades,of Dutch Kills Civic, who was sent by his community out into the cold world to bring back families and upzoned! upzoned! them to oblivion.

Anonymous said...

George, you left out throwing spare change to the hoodlums getting off of the Rikers Island bus. What a quaint neighborhood.

Nora From Dutch Kills said...

Come on overs to my house and see the show from the hotel next door. A real education for my son from his bedroom.

Nice work on the business districts managed by CALDC, George. For a month no one could walk down Steinway Street cause no one cleaned the sidewalks.

Where DID you get that money for your luxury duplex office? Just like your home boy, Galente, eh?

ron s said...

Throughout my life in Queens, Queens Plaza has been characterized by:
Bad donut shops
Bus stops
Car crashes and pedestrian accidents
Elevated train noise
(and now, Queens landmarks (millstones) awaiting damage).
Has it changed so much that people want to pay high rents to live right on it?