Saturday, June 1, 2013

Parks opening up Willow Lake Trail

The Daily News has a story about the Parks Department suddenly deciding to open up the Willow Lake Trail on weekends. Check out the photos and compare them to the ones featured on this blog a few short days ago.

Did that story light a fire under someone's ass at Parks? Or, are they opening up the trail with all that eyesore crap still there?

Looks like fodder for a future post.


Anonymous said...

Security will be a must here if they reopen the trail.

Anonymous said...

You mean mugger's alley?
Thanks, no!
I'd rather be walking "the Hub" in the South Bronx.

Anonymous said...

Unless they completely rebuilt the trail on the west side of the lake (which would take some serious effort), I can't imagine how the full trail will be open.

Anonymous said...

Hi all - It's Lisa Colangelo at the Daily News - while I do read Queens Crap I actually did not see this post before I wrote my story- I was following up on a story I wrote back in 2010 about plans to fix the trail, pull out invasive species and replant - I've been asking Parks about this issue from time to time -I had a friend in the neighborhood ask me about the gates a few weeks ago - also checking on the issue after the trail was named after Pat Dolan - anyway thanks for reposting and I will check this out

Anonymous said...

Honest reporting is better than none.

To the parks dept. credit, they did reopen the gates. To their discredit the western end of the trail between the bridge over the grand central and the foot bridge over willow lake is basically untouched and not passable.

If you try to enter from the west side of the park/trail - you will be very disappointed. You can barely see the trail through the overgrow just 100 feet past the GCP overpass.

It appears that they are still working on it - which begs the question of why they reopened it so quickly instead of just waiting for the rest of the trail to be cleared?