Thursday, June 20, 2013

When a lifetime ban isn't for a lifetime

From the NY Post:

A Queens couple pleaded guilty today for building and selling residential property, in violation of a lifetime ban they agreed to 14 years ago.

Thomas Huang, 59 and his wife Alice, 60, will pay $4.8 million to the state Attorney General's Office by Sept. 18 in exchange for avoiding up to four years in prison for their involvement in building the Broadway Towers in Elmhurst.

Despite the 1999 agreement to a lifetime condo and co-op ban, prosecutors today said the couple would have been OK to develop and sell condos and co-ops units, if they had reapplied for that right to the state AG’s office. ??????

The lifetime ban was the settlement of a state AG’s lawsuit, which had accused the couple of failing to use rental money they collected on important maintenance in buildings they owned.


Anonymous said...

That's a real revenue raiser. Maybe we should give all convicted criminals the chance to buy their freedom instead of doing jail time.

We could set prices, maybe one million for political corruption, $500,000 for possession with intent to distribute and at least $10,000 for murder because we all know that mostly poor people commit murder and they couldn't afford much more than that.

Then only really poor people will end up doing time...

Jerry Rotondi, Comm. to Save Keith'sb said...

Normally this kind of payback is "a bitch" for small time hoods--but these two career arch criminals deserve to do very some serious jail time--on a Devil's Island type facility!

Since 1986, when Tommy Huang first pissed all over the historic RKO Keith's Flushing Theater, he's gotten away with murder.

Lock them both up and throw the key into the ocean!
This is, more or less, just another slap on the wrist. for the Huang criminal family.

Will Tommy and Alice be paying their (relatively meager) fines from laundered offshore money?

Claire Shulman deserves to do some jail time too--for her complicity (along with boss Manes) in selling out the RKO Keith's theater.

If ever the evidence of crime and corruption has been etched into the faces of its perpetrators--take a gander at these two mugs.

Ugly is as ugly does! Do not rest in peace.

Meanwhile, ex Congressman, Gary Ackerman walks away from it all, rich as a lord in retirement.

Let's all continue to live in hope--that what goes around--eventually comes around.

Anonymous said...

Burn them both at the stake like pork chops!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the Huangs have bought some judges.

Anonymous said...

Alice LIU Huang?
So John Liu IS RELATED to the Huangs!

Yeah...roast 'em good!

And brush those pork pie faces with some of Alice's daddy's Bull's Head barbecue sauce!

Yech! Even the dogs won't eat it.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang and his wife,Alice Liu have destroyed so many peoples lives.John Liu has provided the political cover they need in return for campaign contributions.They have destroyed ajoining properties on almost all of their projects,seems the Building complicit,they have even had deaths on their work sites,yet they still walk free.

Anonymous said...

Alice LIU Huang?
So John Liu IS RELATED to the Huangs!

Yes, John Liu is related to Alice Huang, not Tommy Huang: Alice Huang is Liu's cousin.

Anonymous said...

Compare the more youthful countenance of Tommy ("Newsday", RKO Keith's story...filed by Alexis Jetter) with what he looks like here and now.

Time and corruption has certainly taken its toll.

Alice looks worse than ever.
Does she have any teeth in her mouth?
Did hubby knock them out?

There's a story floating around, that in a fit of rage, Huang wound up breaking his own sister's hip.

Do you suppose that can actually be true?

It is a matter of record, that he put his own mother in legal jeopardy, by listing her as the owner of the RKO Keith's theater to avoid prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Tommy.

Shame on Alice.

Their worst crime is that they corrupted their children. They taught them to destroy people's homes, lives and neighborhoods. They taught them to practice unsafe and illegal construction and break the laws.

They taught them not to pay for their wrongdoing.

They created a terrible legacy for their grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

The worst crime is, that YOU VOTERS out there...voted for that bloated corrupt pig Gary Ackerman...over and over and over again!

He was a close friend of the Huangs...and probably still is.

Now you've got Grace Meng, the daughter of a convicted felon, taking Ackerman's place.

Nice job, you DUMB ASSES.
You've gotten who you've voted for!

Now don't you dare complain about an "Oriental takeover" of your district!

Just splash on the soy sauce and enjoy your dinner.

Anonymous said...

Terrible legacy?
Their grandchildren spawn will follow in their footsteps.

And those bad seeds will beget more bad seeds.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice...that in all of his interviews...Tommy Huang never talks about his father...only his mother... and how he remembers her carrying him on her back as a child in Taiwan. That raises some questions. Does he have a known father? For an Asian not to speak of his father is not common in a male dominated culture. Wellignton Z. Chen often speaks of his sainted father who went down with his ship. H-m-m-m-m !!!

Anonymous said...

The barbecue sauce "heiress" looks pretty smug in the newspaper photos leaving Court with her "high priced" attorneys. Hope they got a big retainer from them. The Huangs like to rake the money in -- but many know that they don't like to pay their debts.

Tommy and Henry are more than likely going to see the inside of the Queens County Supreme Court quite a bit this year. It should be interesting to see them on the stand.

They have three substantial cases awaiting a trial date. One of the cases is the wrongful death suit that resulted out of the fatal collapse on Queens Blvd. and the other two are civil matters due to their unsafe and illegal construction practices.

Anonymous said... go after all the churches especially the Asian churches for fraud! They should be taxed on all extra property they own! I'm tired of these churches buying housing and sticking 3-4 families in a two family house!! Throw all the people who built these churches in jail or make them pay property taxes on all their properties!!