Friday, June 7, 2013

Just what are they building at Wendy's?

Hi, just wanted to pass this further info along to you. One, the developers threw up a plywood construction fence yesterday that also extends halfway into the public sidewalk, I've attached two pics of it. I've sent a complaint via 311 about it, but that will probably go nowhere...

Also, the city approved merging both of the tax lots into one large tax lot now, Block 1549, Lot 28. Putting that in pulls up the old 85-15 Queens Blvd address, but the info field tells you it's been combined and a new address is issued.

Also, the old addresses of these two lots don't give any results on the DOB BIS system anymore (such as Wendy's old 85-07 Queens Blvd). The new address for the whole lot is now 51-35 Reeder St.

And BTW, the plan was resubmitted for that 7-story condo and is pending now under the new address on BIS. Also, it calls for over 325 parking spaces, both below ground and also an above ground, stackable car parking lot business in the the disapproved plans.

Who knows what is being resubmitted again. I even sent an email to the Queens Borough President's Office about this, twice, over a month ago and never received a reply back. I even dug through their useless QBP website and sent the same email to the QBP Planning Director, a J Choi, no reply either.

You know, a brother would start to think something's going on here!

Finally, using the City's Tax Map, you can see the old streams and other artifacts from the previous maps, listed as "Relics" on the tax maps or the old tax maps. You can check it out here:


325 cars?


Anonymous said...

Ask your local Community Board, they should be aware of a large project and would normally know if an application was filed

Anonymous said...

Another piece of crap will be built there with balconies used as outdoor storage rooms. Look at what already has/ is gone up along that stretch of QBLVD . They are hideous .

Anonymous said...

Looks like a construction project in Astoria. As a matter of course half the sidewalk (or what is left of it) is blocked.

In the winter its more fun cause its never cleaned of snow and when things melt generally has lots of mud.

Welcome to Vallonia, folks. You get what you vote for.

In spades.

Anonymous said...

a McDowells

Anonymous said...

It is a commercial and residential like the building across the street, Elm East. Built by the same developer, Pi Capital LLC.