Saturday, February 2, 2013

Will Johnny get away with it?

From the NY Post:

Embattled city Comptroller John Liu is not yet out of the woods in the criminal probe of his campaign fund-raising activities, sources said yesterday.

A report published yesterday suggested that Liu would not be personally charged in the case.

Prosecutors are far from clearing Liu or shutting the door on the case — and still haven’t ruled out filing charges against him or his campaign manager, Chung Seto, at a later date, a federal law-enforcement insider told The Post.

“The investigation isn’t getting closed. It will remain active. There are still things that can be done,” the source said.

And one of the current defendants is apparently a mental case besides being corrupt.


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Anonymous said...

Click the link on the bottom to see the article in the NY Daily News which reminds me of an episode of "The Munsters" in the early 1960's, where "Honest John" the used car dealer shows up in court in a wheelchair and neck brace.

These clowns are a bunch of buffoons, Liu, his press secretary, campaign chair (barely out of her teens) and his donors.

I didn't suggest that these buffoons aren't a danger to the system because I believe they are.

The only thing that can save John Liu from prison (in my opinion) is his callous disregard for his staff. He'll let them swing so that he can go on.

A total dirtball!

I hope and expect to see convictions and then long prison sentences, which can loosen many a lip.

Tick...tick...tick John.

Anonymous said...

Again, it's apparent that the bucks of Doombags are having their desired effects on the criminal justice system,keeping Preet's prying eyes off him and on his critic,Well Preety baby, the lame duck is becoming increasingly irrelevant and removed from influence, so unless you can fabricate something quickly, it will soon be glarinlgy obvious that you backed the wrong horse , assclown!

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Oliver Pan's only "mental problem" is that he was crazy enough to work for Liu...the son of a convicted bank robber (Great Eastern bank, Flushing) the first place.

Drink a bowl of won ton soup...take 2 aspirin...and see the judge in the morning.

Or are we all about to be egg rolled in the tookas
and Comptroller Liu walks?

Anonymous said...

It's just another ploy to buy some time.

This case is FAR TOO BIG to be dropped.

Other heads will roll before it's all over.
The jaws of justice are slowly closing shut!

Isn't the FBI is squeezing another one of Liu's aides or staffer?

She'll give up Liu as soon as she's granted immunity by the feds.

While we're waiting, take some comfort in this...
His financial career is also in jeopardy.

What substantial financial firm will hire Johnny
as a financial actuary (the job he formerly held at Price Waterhouse Coopers) now?

Remember, he's also the son of a felon.
That's some hot potato for any reputable company to handle.

Anonymous said...

John is likely visiting the John at least 3 times a day.
Liu is scared shit of going to prison.

He's already lost his bid to become mayor.
Those 'fundraisers" are just to pay off his legal fees.

Bye, bye, Johnny...
you'd better beat it back to Taipei with your family, and quickly...while you can still use your passport!

What a show folks! What a show!

Anonymous said...

If Liu is crapping his brains out,
then why is he still so plump looking?

Look at that little roll of baby fat poking out
over his collar.

Wuzzie, wuzzie woo dumpling...
such cute little chubby cheeks too!

Anonymous said...

i believe #1 is accurate, if one researches the past dem. machine Asian bundlers, in the U.S.

Charlie Trie (Clinton), N.Hsuh etc.

i remind you of who pulls the strings in D.C.....E.Holder

Anonymous said...

Anon. No. 8: And if the Feds nail Liu and put him away, you're going to say that Eric Holder threw him under the bus, right?

Anonymous said...

he'll get away with it for sure