Friday, February 1, 2013

Still too many mobsters in the garbage industry

From the NY Post:

A rogue’s gallery of would-be businessmen hoping to win a city license to operate as a waste hauler is rejected each year by the Business Integrity Commission because of their shady past or mob ties.

And you should hear their whining.

The city’s BIC, which regulates 2,000 individuals, rejects about 4 percent of applicants in its mission to keep the corruption-prone industry free of bad apples and the Mafia, officials say. The agency also weeds out questionable would-be vendors from municipal markets.

BIC officials say the need for vigilance remains strong.

Earlier this month, the NYPD and FBI rounded up 32 alleged mobsters tied to the Gambino, Genovese and Lucchese families who were purportedly involved in the garbage-hauling industry.

They were accused of maintaining a grip on carting companies in the greater metro area, often by masking their involvement through figures who front for them.

None were licensed by the BIC, officials said.


Anonymous said...

What about all those mobsters in the building industry?

I'll bet there are far more of those around!

Anonymous said...

one wonders how many nyc dem. machine politicians share the garbage industry with the mobsters ?