Saturday, February 2, 2013

Parks keeps tree limbs dangling


Tree limb hangs in mid air, like sword, on power lines- threatens pedestrians and vehicles in Richmond Hill Queens NY SINCE JANUARY 30th!

Huge tree limb broke off tree and is resting (being supported) in mid-air on power lines, over a bus stop and traffic on Atlantic Ave between 116th and 117th Streets.

I reported this on Jan 30 at 11:30 in the morning to 311 who also had me talk to 911. Someone came and put caution tape by the afternoon. 311 confirmation C1-181677298. See also C1-181677298, which I reported on Jan 10 2013 and still hangs over traffic.

As of today, Feb 01 at 4pm, the branches remain.

I called Con Ed about it, I assumed that they would have been contacted by 311/911?

He said an emergency crew will inspect it and send tree crew, which may take time.

I also reported the cracked and leaning pole on the corner off 117th Street and Atlantic Avenue, which has been been in this condition for years. I reported that several times over the years; the last time was days before Sandy struck.

I hope no one gets hurt or killed by these before action is taken.

- Joe L.


Joe in Richmond Hill said...

Hi QC,

Thanks for publishing the story about the tree branch on power line.

The update as of today, Feb 02, that when I checked it at 11:30 am this morning the conditions still exist.

Also I called Con Ed Back and gave them the Ticket # QE13004338 for the report I made yesterday I was told that it has not been even been inspected yet. I was further informed that it would not be looked at until sometime next week!

Here are the links to 2 other videos I posted about these 2 trees.

Tree limb hangs in mid air on power lines- threatens pedstrians and vehichles Quens NY

Cracked limb threatens traffic and pedestrians for 3 weeks



Anonymous said...

I'd like to see some crooked pols dangling instead.

Anonymous said...


Joe L. said...

I checked the location today at 11:45 and the a tree crew  truck is by the branch that is on the power line.  The location has cones and orange tape.Hopefully the branch will be removed from the lines today.  I will check it later.  The other tree branch that is not on the lines is up to parks to remove.

Joe L. said...

Now it is down. I went to check at 4:45pm. 3 more trucks arrived from Con Ed. They got it down around 5pm. The other hangING branch on the other tree is still there. I will keep you updated.