Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oliver Pan conveniently lost his mind

From the NY Post:

The former fund-raiser charged with scheming to funnel illegal campaign contributions to embattled city Comptroller John Liu has been sent to the nuthouse, further delaying his trial.

Xing Wu “Oliver” Pan is “involuntarily committed in connection with a mental-health condition” and undergoing treatment, Manhattan federal Judge Richard Sullivan said in court today.

Sullivan put off Pan’s trial, which was supposed to be under way already, until April 15 — unless Pan is fit before then.

Sources have told The Post that Pan was locked up Friday over fears he was suicidal.

Defense lawyer Irwin Rochman said he would be ready for trial within a few day of Pan’s release.


Anonymous said...

I hope the loony bin has a few extra rooms for the rest of this looney toons organization.

Toss em' in a padded room leave them to drool for a few weeks then try them, convict them, then send them up the river to Sing Sing.

Or just sing now and get it over with , Mr. Pan.


Anonymous said...

What a mug.

Anonymous said...

if he were "back home" he would have already been found in a shallow grave with a bullet in the back of his skull.

Anonymous said...

They must have gotten to him. Don't flip on John or else.

Mr. Big said...

Do the right thing Ollie!

Anonymous said...

what is up ? even the Clinton bundlers , Charlie Trie et al (90 Asians ) did not attempt the psycho route ? they just left the U.S.A.

Norman Hsu ( bundled for obama,H.R.C., J.Liu and 90 other dems) tried to leave,but failed. 26 years in fed. prison for embezzlement.

Anonymous said...

a local Bayside dem.fed. judge jailed Cecelia Chang for a week , and when released , she reportedly hung herself at home in Jamaica Estates,Queens ?

Anonymous said...

No one is giving any details about how they know Pan is going batty. Was there a suicide attempt or threat? Any previous history of mental illness? Or could this be a tactic to delay the trial until after primary day?

But hey, it will give the authorities more time to put the pressure on the campaign aides to rat out their boss or find the "smoking gun" that will incriminate Liu.

Anonymous said...

The reason for the delay is that Pan's lawyer told the judge that Pan was suicidal. It will delay the trial but Pan will be convicted. The campaign already acknowledged that 10 Grand (at least) was gathered in violation of the law. That money was to be matched by non-criminal NY voters.

Of course the right answer is for John Liu to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth. However I don't see that ever happening.

Remember that John Liu's dad is a convicted bank thief. His father never admitted his evil crime and not only pled not guilty, he appealed his conviction to the end.* (His conviction was upheld because he was a guilty as sin.)

Later on John Liu complained that perhaps his political campaigns were the reason his father was convicted. This proves that this family has an evil within them. John is sad that his father was not able to get away with the crime. OF course it’s also true that his dad faced 25 years for his crime but the conviction occurred just after John became ca City Councilor. The sentence for stealing a million dollars was one month in jail. John does not seem to appreciate how lucky his crook father is.

I'm told that John actually denied that his father was the President of the bank he robbed, stating that his dad was just a clerk. Well the President of a Bank is a documented position and his father was the President of the bank he robbed.

Clearly John Liu (who also lied about his mother) is not capable of telling the truth, so his staff will suffer.

John Liu will later complain that his political campaign is a reason his staff is in jail of hanging from a rope in the garage. He'll be right in a sense but not in a sense of decency.

Tell the truth John.

Tick.... tick...tick


* Sure, you're allowed to plead not-guilty, even when you are guilty as sin. You're also allowed to tell the truth and take your punishment like a man. One proves a sense of decency, one is the act of a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

The Taiwan to USA political campaign contribution pipeline is about to get crimped.

Gary Ackerman nodded out just in time before the feds got on his trail.

Who do you think got the first hook up to that money stream?
Our former Congressman, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

He's definitely pulling a Cecilia Chang!

Jimmy Meng; Cecila Chang; Jenny Wu; Oliver Pan...
turn out to be Taiwanese!

Why is that?

Now let the feds finish the job and tie cousins Tommy Huang and John Liu to the rest of this gang!

The Flushing Phantom said...

All of these guys are small fry.
The big fish behind them needs to be caught.

Anonymous said...

Nice eye brow tweezing and dye job, Ollie.
Another one of Liu's light on his feet "A" hole buddies.