Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More notice for no-parking zones

From the Daily News:

Spurred by personal experience, a Brooklyn city councilman is proposing a bill to require the city to post signs at least 24 hours before a no-parking zone is created for a special event.

David Greenfield said he parked his Honda Accord legally near City Hall a few months ago, only to find the ride gone hours later.

Cops were slapping up “no parking” signs, he said, but had not done so prior to the time he parked.

His car was towed a few blocks away.

Greenfield, who notes many of his constituents have had the same frustrating experience, said there is no law that places a time frame on when the city must post signs to notify drivers of temporary changes to parking rules.

“There’s no reason why the City of New York cannot provide a courtesy to drivers and put up a sign 24 hours in advance,” the Democratic councilman told the Daily News.

Greenfield said he will submit the proposal on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

"Greenfield said he will submit the proposal on Wednesday."
Would he have submitted the proposal if his own car wasn't towed?