Monday, February 4, 2013

Contractor screws homeowner twice


Anonymous said...

This happens to seniors all the time. The daughter in this case should have known that calling the DOB would be financially detrimental to them. You let the inspectors in, prepare to pay a price.

Ignorance can be costly!

Anonymous said...

So no one contacted Consumer Affairs? They are the ones who license and take complaints about home improvement contractors. They have the teeth to issue violations to contractors. The video seems to imply that only DOB was informed.

And if the people on the video were truly victimized by a contractor they may have to sue them for the shoddy work and the cost to pay the DOB violations. Unfortunately this might have to be resolved in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

Homeowner screwed herself twice. She screwed herself when she paid the contractor for doing such a crappy job when she should have not and two, when she called the Department of Buildings, thinking, the government was going to help her.

Anonymous said...

If one sees that a contractor has failed to live up to the agreement you both made to make repairs or modifications to your house, you SIMPLY do not pay him.

Tell him that you have to find someone else to fix his mistakes and invite him to sue you in court. Put the onus on him because it is he who breached by failing to perform the contract.