Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bus be gone!

Dear Crapper,

An abandoned bus has been left to rot on a residential street in College Point. The door is wide open, the plates hanging off, and it's right next to the hockey rink in College Point on 129 Street & 25 Ave where kids play.

So far the Mayor's office, the owner of the bus, the 109th Precinct Community Affairs, and 311 have all been notified but nothing has been done. Tonight Councilman Dan Halloran was also informed.

The bus has a bunch of violations on the windshield, but as of 9:30 tonight it's still there...

Can you help with a post to draw some attention, cut the red tape and shame some people to get this disaster waiting to happen off the streets?

Adam Lombardi


I passed it onto an elected official. Here was the response.

Hi Adam,

We have been in contact with the 109th Precinct and the bus company. The 109th just called to tell me that they are at the location right now and were ready to tow the bus themselves, however the owner of the bus showed up and advised them that the bus broke down and they will have it towed.

Seth Urbinder
Chief of Staff
Senator Tony Avella

If the bus isn't moved by Monday, let me know. - QC


Anonymous said...

The bus is owned by the Point 128 Hotel Complex at 20-07 127 st, it is used to shuttle people back & forth from Main St, Flushing to the commercial complex. Perhaps if they didn't have 20 Verizon trucks parked overnight (every night for many months) in their lot they would have room for the bus instead of illegally parking it on the street. They always illegally parked it on 128 st & 22 ave before this & complaints have been made & the Hotel was officially spoken to.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had that option when they were going to tow my car. Hooked up and gone.I guess it's who you know.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the same "Adam" who is a Vallone troll?

Anonymous said...

Be creative. Dump a body in it or set fire to it.
It would have surely been moved then.

Anonymous said...

I guess Adam has discovered that the Vallones are suffering from political disfunction.

How come that Don Paulo can't get the bus removed?
After all, he's opting for Halloran's seat, and that would be quite a feather in his cap.

Jerry said...

The same Vallone who ignores questions about the illegal dumping on a Whitestone brownfield?

Same Vallone that set up a phony lions club just to dupe bayside residents into believing he was involved in the community?

Vallone and I have a mutual friend on Facebook. Welli should say had. The minute my friend asked him about the dumping and then called Paul out on his non answer, Paul un friended and blocked him.

Why Paul? Scared to actually stand up for the community?

Anonymous said...

The people that should be bashed here are the owners of the bus & hotel, who don't follow laws, the bus was illegally parked, I know it wasn't right for who ever vandalized it, but it should be kept on their property

Anonymous said...

Hey QC you can't move that bus. It's an improvement to Crappy Point.

Jerry said...


What did Hallorans office do
why would you call a state senators office when it's clearly a city problem
why didn't you call the councilman's office first
I know he wouldn't have done a thing so why bother
Figures Avella would get an answer like that and pass it along
Vallone could have done something but what for
If its good enough for asstoria it's good enough for da point

Queens Crapper said...

Adam did mention that he told Halloran's office. I saw that Avella wasn't listed, so I thought I'd give it a shot and I passed the info along to his COS. The fact of the matter is the 109 let the company slide. I want to see if the company is legitimate in their claim that they would have it towed. It seems they had some time to do just that but waited until they were about to lose the vehicle before they said something.

Anonymous said...

The 109 Pct didn't let the matter silde. The bus was in a non- operating condition due to the vandaliism, which is a crime. The owner was allowed to tow it themselves. The 109 Pct was notified about that bus & 3 others illegally parked on 26 ave at the Civic Meeting on Wed, by Friday all the buses were gone. The owner did take the bus & the other 3 were towed by the Police. That was good considering it not a very serious crime in crime riddled College Pt & the confides of the 109 Pct, some people may argue that the Police resources were wasted on illegal parking, where there are more serious issues. Give credit where is due. The illegal parking of buses & trucks has been going on for years in that area & the 109 Pct had been taking care of it, they ticketed, towed & booted many vehicles. The bus & truck owners don't care, since tbey obviously return there to park.

Anonymous said...

Turn it into a temporary squatters' hotel.'s freezing outside, and even the homeless deserve to survive.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's really got a bug up their ass about Avella trying to do doing the right thing here.

Goof ball Councilman Halloran generally ignores his constituents.

But Dan sure gets involved when people like Joey Franco (White House Restaurant) wants to overbuild in a nabe that doesn't want it.

He's been Danny boy on the spot for this friend of the Gambinos.

Thank the Lord for Tony Avella.

georgetheatheist said...

I'm voting Avella not only for Borough President but also for Mosiach.

אני מאמין באמונה שלמה בביאת המשיח, ואף על פי שיתמהמה עם כל זה אחכה לו בכל יום שיבוא

Anonymous said...

It says nothing was done...but you show a picture of the windshield with a bunch of summonses, that looks like something was done to me.

Anonymous said...

so which shady asian gambling service owned this one???

Anonymous said...

It would seem that Avella's office is the wrong place to complain, if at all it should have been the local City Councilman Dan Halloran. Avella is State and Dan Halloran is NYC. As far as Paul Valone, he is not elected but is a member of CB7. By the way I believe Halloran's Cheif of Staff is head of the Pct. Community Council.

Anonymous said...

To the person who asked - So which shady asian gambling service owned this one ??? Go to the beginning of the comments and read the first comment, you will get the answer to who owns the bus there, it's always better to read all the comments before making one.