Saturday, December 8, 2012

Teardown target: Midtown

From the NY Times:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s push to increase development in east Midtown would threaten some of the very buildings that give the neighborhood its character, preservation groups and community boards warn.

The buildings include the Barclay Hotel, the Yale Club, Brooks Brothers flagship store and the Graybar Building, which many New Yorkers may think — incorrectly — are protected as landmarks already.

The proposal is intended to provide a legacy of the Bloomberg administration by ensuring that the area around Grand Central Terminal stays on a competitive footing with business centers worldwide. It would increase the maximum allowable building density by 60 percent for some large sites near the terminal. Potential density would be increased 44 percent along an 11-block stretch of Park Avenue. Lesser increases would take effect elsewhere in the area between East 39th and East 57th Streets and between Fifth and Second Avenues, although most of the easternmost residential blocks would not be affected.

Such increases in density — meaning higher potential profits for landlords down the road — would give builders an incentive to spend the time and money needed to assemble large development parcels and then empty and demolish the buildings on them. The New York City Planning Department has identified projected and potential development sites in the area (on page 26 of this PDF).

In turn, the Municipal Art Society and the New York Landmarks Conservancy pinpointed more than a dozen buildings over which the shadow of demolition would most likely fall.


Jerry Rotondi said...

With BLOOMBERG THE BARBARIAN defecating all over New York--who needs Conan?

Atilla the Hun had more respect for the arts, culture,
architecture than this sawed off wimp who YOU have elected as mayor 3 damn times!

I certainly did not vote for the bum!

Make sure that his real estate industry mistress, Speaker Quinn, never occupies Gracie Mansion!

YOU--will regret that even more,--if this czarina takes Czar Mike "the terrible's" place!

Quinn is an avaricious power hungry tramp
that will let developers have their way with her.

She, in turn, will screw us all royally--and with great pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Granite sometimes contains radon. You get more radiation walking through Grand Central Terminal than from a dental xray.

Anonymous said...

Sept 10,1976, Croatia Blew Up Grand Central and it took a quarter century to repair the damage.