Saturday, December 8, 2012

Brooklyn school has quota for poor kids

From the Daily News:

In a first for the Bloomberg administration, a highly regarded Brooklyn elementary school has set admissions quotas for poor and immigrant students.

Starting next fall, Public School 133 in Park Slope will set aside 30% of its coveted kindergarten seats for kids who are living in poverty or are struggling to learn English.

The local school board voted to approve the admissions scheme this week after dozens of meetings with parents, education officials and school administrators.

“The goal is to the enhance diversity of the school by making sure preference is given to the neediest students,” said one of the creators of the plan, Community Education Council 15 President Jim Devor.

No other city school dedicates seats for poor kids, though about two dozen high schools with special language programs have admissions criteria that favor students who need to learn English.

Education officials said the admissions quotas are legal since they are not based on race, and other schools may employ them in the future, if parents ask for them.


Anonymous said...

Will they do the same for the new schools build in LIC that have jumped the line for the hipster kids?

Deke DaSilva said...

The worst part about being poor in the U.S. is having to live near other poor people.

Do the school officials REALLY think the values of the "nice, liberal white people" are going to rub off on the poor kids?

I'd be more afraid that the values of the vibrant/diverse poor kids are going to rub off on MY kids.

If I were a white liberal with a kid in that school, I'd start looking for another school!

Anonymous said...

The cowardice of white flight -
"If I were a white liberal with a kid in that school, I'd start looking for another school".

You keep running and running and running till there is nowhere left to run. It's better to strap up your boots and stand firm.

Deke DaSilva said...

It's better to strap up your boots and stand firm.

Where do you live again?

Bed-Sty? Bushwick?

Jamaica, Queens?

Yeah, I thought so!

Anonymous said...

READ: "THE BUSING COVER-UP" 1975 , by Dr. Ralph Childs.

it exposes the scam and cost of racial social engineering in the U.S.public school system from 1975 to the present. at the time he had to use a different name (Edward Langerton) , because he worked for the Chicago Ill. school system.

experience tells us that the experiment is a gigantic and costly failure ,yet the progressives continue this route . Why ? $$$$$$$$$$ from private sector tax payers ,who send their children to successful private schools. but still are forced to pay for the public school failure.

Anonymous said...

Some of the strangest and most ironic stories about Queens history are about the neighborhoods which in the 1960's were school busing battlegrounds for back/white kids. They became Hispanic neighborhoods.

See Life Magazine

Anonymous said...

The quotas are a feeble attempt at appeasing certain groups while not addressing the core problem of overcrowding in public schools. Some school districts are bursting at the seams and many parents who would like to send their kid to the neighborhood kindergarten cannot because there are not enough seats. How about solving that problem instead?

Anonymous said...

the only other Court Ordered "FORCED BUSING "case was attempted in Queens in 1975. A Fed. District Court Judge Dooling ordered the NYC Bd of Education to integrate A. Jackson H.S. (now Campus Magnet) in Cambria Hgts. with 8th to !2th grade pupils from N.E.Queens. Jackson was 99.5 % African -American.the N.A.A.C.P. filed the law suit.

The Court order was overturned by the Appellate Court,stating that the school was 99.5% ,because the surrounding population was majority minority.and the NYC Bd.of Education did not PURPOSELY plan this ratio.

but the damage was done . many N.E.Queens families moved to the Counties or transfered their children to private/parochial schools. but they still paid for the public schools.

BTW: Fed. Court Judge Dooling had a fatal heart attack in Brooklyn, waiting for a public bus.

Hell Gate Kid said...

Restoring the school system was Bloomberg's one great failure.

Of course since his crowd lives in Bermuda its not really a problem - unless of course you live in the real word.