Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Joe Crowley pushed for ramp approval despite pleas from constituents

From Willets Point United:

In this morning's Crain's we get a further report on the FHWA's boneheaded and indefensible decision to approve the Van Wyck ramps-against the wishes of every single Queens civic group that we have spoken to. What struck us the most was just how clueless Congressman Virginia Joe Crowley is about all this:

"The state Department of Transportation will need to approve design and construction of the ramps, but the federal approval was seen as the much bigger hurdle. Rep. Joseph Crowley played a key role in keeping the ramp issue high on the agenda of the Highway Administration and state Department of Transportation, a spokeswoman for the congressman said. Mr. Crowley stressed to them the job creating impact the project would have for Queens."

We understand why someone who lives in Virginia but who gorges at New York City feasts would be interested in all of those jobs-ca ching! We can hear all of the change being counted down at the headquarters of the Queens Democratic Party. Contractors, real estate developers, construction unions-everyone but the residents of the borough who will suffer through the gridlock that this project will create if it ever goes through. But Virginia roads will still be quite passable, thank you Joe.

But what the Crowley comment underscores is how ass backwards the regulators are. The Congressman understands that the development is contingent on the ramp approval-and by doing so dramatizes just how badly wrong the FHWA is when it accepts as its baseline the building of the development and its ridiculous assertion that the 62 acre project won't have any significant impact "on the human environment." Maybe not in Virginia.


Anonymous said...

That Blarney fed
bull-shitting bastard of a crooked 19th century type ward healer.

When the sons of the sod aren't busy buggering altar boys they're putting in overtime reaming the asses of their constituents.

Politics or the church...that's where scum like "Virginia" Joe Crowley find their hideouts.

Anonymous said...

So how much did the Wilpons pay Joe...season tickets for his whole family for life...or cash...or both?

Anonymous said...

The United States of America has a rogue government running things!

Has the time arrived for another revolution, citizens?

Snake Plissskin said...

Come on guys - the only reason that Honest Joe is an issue is that some of his competitors in the machine are trying to make noise about him due to his ham-handed way of doing things - and its cutting into their space.

Note everyone hates Albany, but THEIR rep is great.

Note everyone hates Washington, but THEIR rep is great.

The only way that you can beat Crowley is if a machine faction tries to make noise to oust him.... and replace him with another faction ... and its business as usual.

Sorry, people, but you are simply incapable of doing anything about Honest Joe and the whole culture of the clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Turner going to challenge him for congress? is anyone challenging him?

Anonymous said...

Start the Revolution! Vote ALL the dead wood out. These crooks have been in power way too long. Vote out all incumbents. Enough already!

Anonymous said...

he's next to be voted out ,

Anonymous said...

start the revolution! vote him out! etc etc etc

sure, that's all we need to do - how simple!

feel better now?

the fact of the matter is the self esteem is so low here that you can't do anything unless a politician shows up.

and you can't get rid of joe crowley unless the organization decides its time for him to go.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Crowley, what went wrong in your head?

Anonymous said...

Yessir...self esteem is the lowest among Queens' voters...the worst spirit in NYC!

A pol is supposed to be sucking up to the voter for his vote not the other way around...where a voter has to suck on his pol's wand to get some service.

As far as getting a revolution started...
you couldn't find enough people with backbone in this damn borough to raise even a piddling squad of militia!

Anonymous said...

in 2010, 62 lib/ democrat U.S.House of reps were ousted.
the Tax Enough Party patriots worked together for two years to attempt to control the tax and spending waste being forced on citizens , for years.

i have observed Manhattan and L.I.Tea Party groups during april 15 (tax paying week), gather, in the past.

hopefully they will gather this April.

no buses from Queens departed for D.C last week to support the 26 states challenging the democrat FORCED un-affordable health care law.

many bus loads of wise citizens from the Eastern States supported these challenging states in the SCOTUS oral arguments.

did most of nyc citizens drink the obama dictatorship koolade ? you younger ny 's have to defend your liberties or they will be taken from you.

Anonymous said...

what goes around..............

Anonymous said...

Joe Crowley, the biggest pig in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Crapper,
The comments on this page are most disturbing.I can feel your pain.Have you tried some medication.Joe is a great guy.You should try talking with him.Maybe it could help to releave some of that pent-up frustration.
Yours Respectfully