Thursday, April 5, 2012

Livery operation hogging up street parking


Anonymous said...

mocker does it again.....

check out the 10 "Apollo Ambulance Transportation" vehicles that park on street at 42 avenue @F.L.Blvd every night after 6 PM and very weekend. the local civic assoc. has reported this to nyc dept. of transportation for many years.

the owner must have very high city gov. pals ????

Anonymous said...

I used to think that these livery cars belonged to a base nearby but I hardly
ever see the cars moved.

Not for nothing though, those 2 blocks on either side of 70th St are commercial
with no private homes until you get to the other side of 72nd St, an eyesore yes
as I often drive on 47th ave to avoid the
heavy traffic on 69th St to cross QB.

Anonymous said...

Notice how Jimmy No Brainer is sooo articulate.

humma humma humma

There seems to be a feature about how the eastern part of his district is ignored about once a month.

We know Jimmy, its so much more fun to be around the developers and the trust-fund babies along the waterfront.

THAT'S you future.

Anonymous said...

All these savages that drive these death-mobiles should be deported and have the cars impounded.