Monday, April 2, 2012

Crap to become housing for seniors and disabled

From the Times Newsweekly:

[CB5] District Manager Gary Giordano told the board at last Wednesday’s meeting that the PSCH organization, which began construction of a group home located on Cypress Avenue between Cooper Avenue and Vermont Place, has informed the board of their intention to demolish the existing, incomplete structure.

Giordano stated that construction of the cinder-block building—which aims to house 19 individuals with psychiatric disabilities—stalled in recent years; the incomplete building has since been smeared with graffiti and invaded by both trespassers and vermin.

PSCH reportedly told Giordano and Board 5 Chairperson Vincent Arcuri that it will demolish the incomplete structure due to an architectural problem and replace it with a new structure that could offer both senior housing space and the designated space for developmentally disabled youths.

The district manager noted that the organization has not provided further updates about their plans in recent weeks.

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Joe said...

I do remember a gravel path leading to this same perpetual mess of construction material, gravel and large stones going on with that property as far back as 1978. It was a mess back then.
Its a shame to see what THE REST OF IT has now become as well.
As kids we would hang out at friends houses on 59st (the dead end yards west it)
It was like being in the country. All trees and narrow 1920's bungalow like houses with different colored asphalt siding and huge rear yards of vegetable gardens, grape vines and fig trees.
A Polish/German family "The Merkels" owned a bunch of houses there, lots of Beer, Kielbasa & BBQ party's.
Now all I see is blond brick, steel bars, leaky derelict cars and Sanford n Sons.
-Home Crap Home


Anonymous said...

it's a brownfield

Anonymous said...

It looks like an artillery bunker on the Gaza Strip!

Anonymous said...

GREAT! A ghetto for vulnerable people. How do Agencies get funding for this type of development? It is completely contrary to current standards in both Psych rehab. & gerontology.
-and can you imagine the possibilities, mixing concentrated masses of these two separate populations? What are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

What's the address?