Monday, April 2, 2012

Cherry trees killed for Marshall's vanity project

From A Walk in the Park:

Residents of Kew Gardens are fuming after the city destroyed nearly a dozen beloved Cherry Blossom Trees.

The arborcide is part of Borough President Helen Marshall's $ 21 million dollar glass atrium project she is having built in the rear courtyard of Queens Borough Hall. The beautiful trees, some believed to be forty-years-old, were taken down in order to made way for construction equipment. The structure is reportedly being built for cultural events, public meetings, and performances.

A tree removal permit was not posted at the construction site on Sunday.

Officials are now claiming the trees are diseased. With the exception of one all other trees appeared to be healthy.


Anonymous said...

They could have removed them to be replanted elsewhere - this was the time of year to do it in order to save them. We spend a fortune on trees and Helen spends a fortune to tear them out. My Asian neighbors would have performed this service for free.

Anonymous said...

A glass atrium?

How appropriate...
(political) peasants under glass!

Who got the tree murder contract?

Clean up the trash that always abounds around borough hall instead,
then the rats will leave the premises.

The civil service rats, of course, will remain until their retirement.

All this money spent, while "Civic Virtue" continues to decay.

Red Witch said...

They were cut down in the full flower of their lives too!

What a dumb, unfeeling, senile, old vicious c--t she is!

(Spitting 3 times over my left shoulder to seal the spell):

"Unleash the the Hell Hounds to pursue Hell-en with nightmarish visions".

Anonymous said...

It was my understanding the Borough Hall grounds were leased to the borough and not owned!

Anonymous said...

What's truly pathetic is that these trees "were taken down in order to made way for construction equipment" and not to make room for the final crap project itself.

Anonymous said...

Marshall should be arrested for arborcide. She is a wicked woman and is doing this just to have her name put on this new piece of crap. Question: can we afford this as our economy is in the pits?
Marshall's action needs to be investigated.
A protest march outside her office needs to be organized!

Anonymous said...

why all the bitching ? this is a GREEN PROJECT!!!!

so what if green cherry trees are destroyed?

the amount of taxpayer dollars wasted is not significant. it is ONLY $20 million , THIS TIME.

government U.S. GREEN SOLAR PROJECTS that have failed number about 10-11 presently. how many billions of taxpayer $$$$?