Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bloomberg inconsistent on immigration

From the NY Sun:

Mayor Bloomberg, in a startling departure from his pro-immigration stance, is testing a new program designed to chase down sponsors of legal immigrants who end up on certain kinds of public assistance, and the city intends to make the sponsors pay back money to the government.

The threat is being made by the city’s Human Resources Administration, which is circulating a press release warning that it will start sending out in August letters to sponsors of immigrants who are not citizens but who are receiving cash assistance from a program called Safety Net. It estimates that there are 12,000 sponsors the city could go after, but says it expects that it will only recover from about 8% of them, or 960 cases.

Mr. Bloomberg’s demarche, which was signaled in the budget earlier this year, has been little-remarked-upon. In the large scheme of things it is a modest test. Yet it contrasts sharply with the mayor’s generally welcoming stance toward immigrants. In 2007, the mayor denounced Governor Romney of Massachusetts for saying that the federal government should slash funding for cities that don’t strictly enforce immigration laws. “Boy, let them come,” Mr. Bloomberg said at the time in a riposte to Mr. Romney, who’d denounced New York as a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants.

Describing New York City’s new policy last week, the Bloomberg administration insisted that the city “believes that immigrants coming here from countries throughout the world are vital to the success and vibrancy of our City. We also believe in personal responsibility.” It called its initiative “only one small component of HRA’s ongoing recoupment and recovery efforts that we conduct as part of our regular business. Additionally, we are ensuring the commitment by the sponsor is honored.”

So, coming here illegally is "personally responsible?"


Anonymous said...

Romney of Massachusetts for saying that the federal government should slash funding for cities that don’t strictly enforce immigration laws.

New York is a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants. Focus on eliminating or stemming the tide of more illegals washing up on NYC shores. Enforce the law and watch our social costs to support these folks go down dramatically.

Anonymous said...

We better do something befre the government gives them the right to vote, and there are enough of them to render our voices useless. We are losing our country dammit!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, it doesn't pay to bring someone here legally, as you are driven to near bankruptcy (and feel like a human ATM) by all the associated fees and costs imposed by USCIS (always " +$85 biometrics fee). It's scarcely a wonder that illegal immigration is so rampant.

Anonymous said...

A district full of illegals who never vote is cheaper to run in because you have to contact fewer voters. Like when a slave counted for 3/5 a person even though they never voted, the slave states got more districts for the same number of voters.