Monday, January 2, 2012

Astoria burglars caught

From the Times Ledger:

A man and a woman the police had been searching for in connection with 12 burglaries in Astoria have been arrested and charged in some of the incidents, authorities said.

Eldin Ahmetovic, 33, was apprehended along with Yulia Bushuyeva, 32, Dec. 21, an NYPD spokesman said.

Ahmetovic was charged with burglary in two of the incidents, one on Dec. 3 and one on Dec. 15, police said.

Bushuyeva was charged with burglary in the Dec. 3 and Dec. 15 break-ins as well as another burglary that occurred June 23, police said. She was also charged with criminal possession of stolen property in a Nov. 17 incident, police said.

The spokesman said the Police Department was still investigating whether Ahmetovic and Bushuyeva were connected to the other incidents.


Anonymous said...

Why wont the police release the immigration status of these dirtbags ?

Inspector Clouseau said...

Round up all likely suspects!!!

Anonymous said...


Wadda ya expect!

They're a criminal race!

Anonymous said...

He is albanian,the scum of europe...............

Steve P said...

The girl is Russian given her name.

His last name has a Yugoslav suffix of an Islamic given name....son of Ahmet. Its a good bet that he is Bosnian....Muslim and Yugoslav combined.

As I diverge....Bosnian Muslims were getting killed and raped by Serbs. Why didn't other Muslim nations help their 'brothers'? In the early 1990s Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran could have easily defeated Serbia. I'll answer you why they were not helped. They were not helped because they were White. Whites of European stock in Southeast Europe were converted by Turks a few centuries ago and never were considered to be real Muslims by the people of Arabic descent. BTW....they also do not consider Blacks to be real Muslims either.

Vibrant. Diverse. Isn't it great when criminal immigrants from all nations get together and come to commit crime in NYC?

I am so glad I do not live there any more.

Anonymous said...

if they had been deported they would not be here to hurt people. will they be deported now?

Anonymous said...

Oh my my, aren't you the most open minded person - you anonymous... First the Ruskie, second the Albanians' the scum of Europe. I bet any money, that if I trace down your genealogy, I will find out that you are the scum of some country in some continent for sure. Clearly, your brain is such a pea size, that you can not grasp the concept that for each country, there is scum and there is brilliant people.

Athena said...

I',m so happy they caught the bastards.I think they're the ones who broke into my next-door neighbor's house and looted the place,in the afternoon no less!Lock them up for a couple of decades..PLEASE!