Monday, January 2, 2012

How long before Wyckoff folds?

From the NY Times:

The chief executive of a troubled Brooklyn hospital has been abruptly dismissed, less than a month after a task force set up by the administration of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo outlined a plan to carry out a major reorganization of how hospital care is delivered in Brooklyn.

A state task force had recommended that Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn be merged with two hospitals.

Soon after the dismissal of the chief executive, Rajiv Garg, a member of the governor’s task force took over day-to-day control of the hospital, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. The task force had recommended that Wyckoff be merged with two other hospitals.

The new chief, Ramon Jesus Rodriguez, confirmed Thursday that he had been appointed over the Christmas weekend by the Wyckoff board of trustees. He said that the appointment was unanimous and that he had taken over on Tuesday.

The appointment raised eyebrows among some hospital advocates and public officials because it happened so swiftly, without public notice, and because of Mr. Rodriguez’s position on the state task force.


Joe said...

I past this hospital going to Tony Avarios pizza last August.
At the red light the corners were packed with sea of immigrants like fire-drills you had in school.
Even a long gray haired witch doctor looking man in his 60s sporting a necklace of bones, a beard, womans dress and slippers going up to cars shaking a cup

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Wyckoff. The words largest free clinic.

Anonymous said...

That new ceo is a peice of crap. He is going in and firing people without even understanding there role in the hospital. Ramon rodriguez you are a joke.