Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vibrant, diverse credit card fraudsters

From the NY Post:

A cast of unsavory characters from Queens was busted for allegedly manufacturing thousands of bogus credit cards and using them on massive shopping sprees and luxury vacations, The Post has learned.

The two-year investigation ended this week, as authorities smashed several fraud rings and arrested 110 people around the borough, according to court records and sources.

One of the rings was led by Amar Singh, who was described in court papers as “overseeing the entire operation” -- including an army of shoppers and fences to convert high-end goods to cash.

The parade of arrests had local bail bondsmen working overtime.

“This is a once-a-year kind of bust. These are the biggest enterprise-corruption cases we’ve seen,” said Jason Fordin, vice president of Empire Bail Bonds, noting that the only roundups of this size had involved gambling.

The credit-card fraud defendants represent “the diversity of Queens,” he said.


Anonymous said...

do you think A. Cuomo insisted on the indictment documents be written in six different languages. Oh ,I forgot, that should read 100 different languages.

Is not democrat dictatorship, vibrant diversity grand?

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that most of them will get just a slap on the wrist.

Anonymous said...

Oh diversity! How marvy!!!

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that most of them will get just a slap on the wrist.
And then they will file a lawsuit and get millions because of the slap.

Anonymous said...

surprise! ringleader is indo-guyanese.

Captain Renault said...

The credit-card fraud defendants represent “the diversity of Queens,”


This is another example of how stupid most criminals are. Don't they know that most successful criminal operations are composed of one, and only one, ethnic group?

There's a reason why the Italian and Sicilian mafia, the Japanese Yakuza, Russian mafia, etc., are successful - because they limit their operations to their co-ethnics, people they can trust.

Only Hollywood shows multicultural, multiracial, diverse, and vibrant criminal gangs in lame movies such as Ocean's 11.

The Captain will stop here, lest he gives the bad guys any ideas.

You know the drill:


Anonymous said...

HEAR HEAR! Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Anonymous said...

The credit-card fraud defendants represent “the diversity of Queens,”

Actually, there are only two groups, the indo caribbean and hispanics that stole the data and manufactured the fake credit cards. They are also the same two groups that are associated with illegal immigration, illegal conversion, and mortgage non payment, thus cause their own high foreclosure rates

Auntie Invasion said...

stop racial profiling and the hate bashing on illegal immigrants. don't you know that they have the right, even more rights to a middle class lifestyle than you,Americans born in this country? you all owe the third world so very very much and it's your fault that there is even one single baby starving in India. NOT!

I really love it when an obvious foreigner says, I'm more American than you, said with much rancor and hostility as possible to fend off any further investigation. or how about when you ask an illegal immigrant, where do you come from? meaning what is your county of origin? they get all offended. Is there a guidebook they are read? Maybe it's called let's screw the American's heads so we can complete our invasion.

Anonymous said...

Perfect example of the indo caribbean criminality: their illegal conversions, chronic mortgage non payments, and now identity thefts.

Anonymous said...

Not condoning the crimes by any stretch of the imagination. The criminals here will be the ones convicted, not the entire Indo-Caribbean, Hispanic or any other race a few people posting messages here are taking cheep jabs at. The vast majority of the Indo-Caribbean community are humble hard working folks...period.

A couple of, these are not unique crimes just invented by these individuals; two, take a look at the ratio of the different races currently incarcerated in any prison in the U.S.A...see the majority (by a landslide)? Now take a look in the mirror. See a resemblance? If not good, but judging from the comments, I bet you do. Reserve your judgment for yourself. The Criminal justice system will judge the indicted.

Anonymous said...


the indo caribbeans have the highest foreclosure rates. that's not a cheap jab. it's a fact.

they also have a high rate of illegal conversion. so while they are collecting rental income, they still won't pay their mortgages.

some people just can't accept the truth.

Anonymous said...

Cheep jab because the topic is not about foreclosure rates. Your stating something unrelated in an attempt to mar a group of people.

By the way, why is it a fact, because you blogged it? Did you take a survey? Oh, and the highest foreclosure rates where, how large or I should say, small was the area you surveyed? See, there is no such survey, it's just hateful comments laced with ignorance. Get real, take the blinders off and explore the rest of the country. Start with your block.

There is truth in many things, including the many things not mentioned here.

Anonymous said...

According in CHAAYA, the south asians have the highest foreclosure rates.

And there are other examples of indo caribbean mortgage non payment:

LLoyd Varma, an indo caribbean who had all 9 of his Queens homes foreclosed.

Bibi Gopaul, who bought a home she couldn't afford, and now refuses to leave.

You need to stop whining about racism, stop renting your illegal conversions, and start paying your mortgages.

Anonymous said...

All these Guyanies with credit card Fraud, Real Estate Fraud and Life Insurance Fraud are all family related. Not to Forget they are also involved in Husbands and Wives fraud. They are so bold they have their family as Lawyers wo will divorce you off your husband or wife in a second.They will threatened these women and men saying their family is powerful and all their Kali Priest Lewis Pancham is a powerful Voodoo man. One man have to live with one of their women while her husband is in Jail. They are all Kali Temple Worshipers and is using the Kali Temple in Queens to get their victims. Shut the Kali Temple down that is where all the wickedness is coming from. Deport them with their Kali Temple back to Guyana.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When will someone ever touch the subject about indo caribs....hindus in particular NOT getting legally married?? They are married according to hindu rites once the 7th step is taken around the sacred fire yet all have different last names, can produce no marriage licenseand own most homes in richmond hill/ozone park. Somehow though they always hand ME an ebt card at my job to pay for groceries. When oh when will someone catch on???