Monday, October 10, 2011

That's so dope(y)!

From NY1:

If you need help busting a thief, there's definitely an app for that.

Police say Brian Chattoo, 23, was arrested Friday after allegedly stealing an iPhone from a woman.

Investigators say he bumped into the woman on a Queens street Monday night and stole her phone.

However, the phone was equipped with an app called "iGotYa," which automatically took this photo of Chattoo when he tried to unlock it.

The photo was then e-mailed to the woman who gave it to police.

Chattoo is charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.


Anonymous said...

Now that every crook knows how this works -it's over.

They'll simply cover the lens and info on how to reset and clear apps is readily available.

Anonymous said...

Good ...he deserves everything he gets... lazy bastard ...get a job and buy your own f-------g creep. Easier to steal it from someone else....dirtbag...

FlushingRepresenter said...

Ouch! $500 dollar phone is now 6 months in jail. There was no violence involved so he may even get 5 years probation depending on his prior criminal record.

Anonymous said...

Too bad there wasn't an "ap" back in the day to catch Gary Ackerman when some money "disappeared" from that student organization he was treasurer (?) of while he was attending Queens College.

Was that the start up money for his Queens (whore ads) Tribune?

All pols need an "ap" surgically implanted so we can catch them when crooks like Tommy Huang donate laundered Taiwanese money to their campaign Congressman Gary?

From which country is your elected official getting their campaign contributions?

And which country's interests are they representing in lieu of your district's?

Anonymous said...

The late Steve Jobs
put out some great products.

The "I-caught-U-phone"....very clever!

RIP, Steve.

Each time I light up my "Mac"....
I'm grateful you were in our world and think of you.

Captain Renault said...


Une autre hooligan stupides!

Welcome to Rikers Island, Monsieur Chattoo!

Soon, the boys in the shower will be riding the Chattoo-nooga choo choo all day long!

As always:


Hell Gate Kid said...

Ya gatta love crappy. Its sooo educational.

A great place for old friends. Waiting for a Crap Reunion so we cal all get together and swap Crap.

Anonymous said...

surprise! another indo guyanese criminal. This in addition to illegal conversion, mortgage fraud and mortgage non payment so prevalent in that group.

Anonymous said...

Great point, because no other nationalities, color or race commit crimes. I hear the financial crisis was caused by them. Those protesters should go to liberty avenue instead of Wall street.

Or maybe he's just a F**king idiot like very other red, white and blue moron out there.