Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stupid sign mistake in Glendale

From Fox 5:

Traffic on 79th Street in Glendale, Queens, flows south from 78th Avenue to Myrtle Avenue. Plenty of signs on the block facing the right way warn drivers of speed bumps. But one warning sign on the block is basically useless.

Unless a motorist is going up the block the wrong way, he or she won't see the sign.


Anonymous said...

hey man i drive the wrong way all the time for fun and i actually appreciate that the city is trying to warn me about a bump while im speeding in the reverse direction.

the correct direction has plenty, leave one for those who live life on the edge.

Anonymous said...

The key word here... CONTRACTOR.

For everyone that is jumping on the band wagon complaining about city workers and the "millions" they make and want to have all the work done by outside contractors instead of city employees, this is the quality of what you get, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Get some bored teenagers obviously knocking down pedestrian crossing lights, vandalizing stop signs, and turning perpendicular street signs so that they line up with each other to twist that sign.