Sunday, October 2, 2011

Overdevelopment without upgrades

From the Queens Tribune:

...Flushing’s prosperity is not without its consequences. DiNapoli’s study, which was put together over the course of three months using Census data and statistics from the U.S. Dept. of Labor, confirms the neighborhood’s growth has placed a burden on its infrastructure, including transportation, schools and housing, much of which, especially on the transportation end, needs updating.

“[The LIRR station] is a third world train station,” said Councilman Peter Koo (R-Flushing), who said visitors from China, which has a state-of-the-art train system, are often surprised by how dilapidated and antiquated the station is. The 7 train station at Main Street-Flushing is the busiest in the city outside of Manhattan, and often lines waiting for buses on Main Street can stretch for a block.

Schools in the neighborhood have suffered from overcrowding because of the rise in families coming to Flushing both from outside America and other parts of the country, DiNapoli said. Affordable housing is also an ongoing problem.

While celebrating his neighborhood’s success, Koo added that more could be done, including getting rid of what he called “nuisance fines” on small businesses and unnecessary regulations. He also endorsed the city’s ongoing attempts to transform neighboring Willets Point.

Since Flushing is an overcrowded cesspool, let's build another one next to it. Great idea.


FlushingRepresenter said...

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice Toby Ann Stavisky's comment in the "Chronicle" regarding this...that she supports over development?

When at least two weekly papers have to put out puff pieces on Flushing's wonderful booming know the area is approaching a pit of deep doo-doo.

And what about all of those lauded "new jobs" that have been created...offering coolie wages for Chinese immigrants...who are bused in from Chinatown to work in Flushing's restaurants or small booth sized businesses?

Hardly mainstream stability for a Chinese wage slave or the town of Flushing.

It looks like the best laid plans of mice and con men (being...CB 7, Flushing Chamber, the BID, local pols, etc.)seem to be unraveling a trifle.

Flushing is really blighted now and it certainly looks (and smells like) it.

All the PR spin doctoring won't save the stagnation and vacant rental units which business "leaders" are trying to hide.

We're in the middle of a depression that can't be corrected with the printed word!

Asians, which make up only 40% of the population, ARE NOT enough to support the newly opening businesses which often close within a 2 year period afterward.

Check the stats...there out there.

A NEW CB 7 said...

That is what you get when the Community Planning Board allows the developers to build with out Impact studies, or accepts ones that are embelished. Take a look at the Mattone Waterside Estates project that were allowed with no studies done. This development put an incredible burden on the infrastructure of the community. The residents are now forced to fight with the City for proper Sewer lines to be installed because the pumping stations are not enough to handle the rain waters, let alone the sewage. This development also added an incredible amount of traffic in the once quiet community with no accounting for proper traffic controls. Now there are 6 acres left and while the community fights go get it back, the developers along with some of our local politicians as well as one wannabe politician, are doing everything they can to get that property developed.

CB 7 has destroyed Flushing, and Willets Point. They are now setting their sights on the College Point Flushing River waterfront with Claire Shullman and Follow the Buck Chuck Apelian at the helm. They have been Approved for a grant of Taxpayer money to explore Eminent Domain at that sight. CB 7 has approved development on a Brownfield sight in Whitestone for 50 new homes, once the chosen clean up company bilkes the taxpayer for more millions.


A NEW CB 7 said...

When you have a community board that allows this to happen without impunity this is what you get. Just look at Mattones Waterside EstatE project. That was allowed to be built with no impact study whatsoever. This development put a strain on the infrastructure of the community, the drainage, sewer, and traffic infrastructure. There were no concessions to the community such as public/greenspace. No attention to the increased traffic and possible traffic controls that would be needed within the once quiet residential community. Now the residents at Waterside are left to fight with the City to put in sewers. Why ? because the pumping system can not handle the rain water let alone the sewage.

The community is fighting to get back the remaining 6 acres for the community but local politicians, one wannabe politician, Mattone, and other developers are doing everything to develop that property. CB 7 already approved another Brownfield site in Whitestone for 50 plus homes. ON A BROWN FIELD! After of course the Environmental company of political choice does the "Cleanup".

Now you have follow the Buck Chuck Apelian at the helm of Claire Shullmans new deal. The Flushing river water front. They were just granted over one million dollars to explore eminent domain, in order to OVERDEVELOP that as well. You Go Chuck, Gene, and Claire.

Enough already!!

Anonymous said...

Koo is right - visitors from anywhere would find the subways to be 3rd world but at least until now don't kill or injury on the scale of the recent Shanghai subway incident. China today is building without abandon and we are in the restoration mode and no $$. If Koo were a smart POL he would insure maintenance on the subways are sped up, cleaned and painted regularly. He would also insure the Chinese community did not take illegal buses and shut them down.

Anonymous said...

Where there is no quality, there can be no quality of life.

Anonymous said...

I guess Mr. Koo's been in the States too long to realize that all of China's lower class are rushing to the big cities to seek job opportunities, thus crowding that very state-of-the-art train system - makes Main Street look like a breeze in a spit-filled park.

Great Neck neighbor said...

Peter Koo lives in Great Neck.

Do some sleuthing.

You can see him climb into his car as I do. each morning.

Anonymous said...

Now now people.

The #7 Train cannot be crowded. If it was, Jimmy No Brainer would not be plumping for 1000s of more people to move into LIC.

He would be supporting the developers over the community if this was true.

Anonymous said...

Didn't some hillbilly baseball player from Georgia warn you about the #7 train years ago and you all laughed at him? Now the glorious Chineses condemn it and everybody jumps!

Anonymous said...

yes ,the ackerman gang demonized Atlanta braves pitcher, John Rocker for telling the truth about the # 7 subway train ride from Manhattan, and what he observed.

Anonymous said...

Now, the #7 train can truly be called "The Orient Express".

Huddled, teaming masses of ill mannered, Asiatic commuters....just waiting to push you off the platform in front of an oncoming they position themselves to grab a seat.

That's why I've switched to the LIRR....even though it's far more expensive.

Safety before cost.

We need a Koo coup!