Sunday, October 2, 2011

Off to a good start

From the Daily News:

More than 100 New York City-area immigrants with criminal records were rounded up as part of a major nationwide raid, the feds said Wednesday.

In a seven-day operation called "Cross Check," Immigration and Customs Enforcement netted nearly 3,000 ex-cons around the country - including a Bronx man from the Dominican Republic who was convicted of attempted murder in 1988.

They also nabbed a Jamaican immigrant in the Bronx who was convicted of kidnapping in 1987 and a Chinese immigrant from Brooklyn convicted of armed robbery in 1990.

Some of the immigrants - whose records make them deportable - had avoided immigration authorities for years after serving time and being released from prison.

"Once they find they're going to be removed, they abscond," said ICE New York Field Office spokesman Lou Martinez.

Agents followed up on tips and carried out surveillance before making the arrests, he said. According to ICE, 42 of those arrested around the country were gang members, and 151 were sex offenders.

Here's the official release.


Anonymous said...

I support this and expect this to not be a token effort each year but rather a FT unit in the quest to root out criminal illegals as well as illegals and charge the return trip to the government of the citizen whom found illegal.

Let us change the national discourse (certainly do not agree with Gov Perry) we cannot and will not pay for suspect citizenship of those who illegally came here to have children to gain citizenship. We must stop health, Education and welfare to illegals and arrest employers for hiring, haboring and evading SS and income taxes due to illegals.

Anonymous said...

Only 20 million more to go.....

Anonymous said...

Lets hope this continues... The government should also make it hard to hire illegals... it is not pay cash ... as long as its under $10K employers can go to their bank and cash out a check ...

Anonymous said...

Do a sweep in Flushing and you'll net some big catch of illegal criminals.

Asian illegals are probably seeking safe harbor in one of Congressman Ackerman's hideouts.

Exactly what does his Congressional Asia Committee do anyway...arrange to launder money for his (and friends) re-election campaigns?

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Dear Queens Crappers: The NYDN dropped their ban of me and if you click on the article you can see they posted my video -- it says on my chest Yu Yao rape and murdered walking down the street in Queens.

Amazing I got through considering all the news they are not reporting including Mike has a date in criminal court tomorrow with immunity.
thanks and love,

Anonymous said...

It's inconceivable that the Feds and states allow infiltration of no-aliens sneaking into the USA. So our national security is virtually compromised.

Let's get serious or can Democrats want to in light of the fact that they harbor and cultivate illegals to eventually convert them to citizenship for their vote. Vote often is their motto and the illeagals know this is the land of the bountiful and come here despite the hurdles - its well worth it to them!

Anonymous said...

The next Mayor, Senator, Representative, Governor and President will all be elected base on their position on illegal immigration enforcement and putting teeth into legislation on States to enforce making arrests at local levels.

Joe said...

This problem go's back to the Kennedy-Johnson administration's and Immigration and Civil Rights Acts of 1965.

Besides f_ing up the whole country it banned states from enforcing immigration making it a federal issue.
It gave these fence jumping and overseas criminals rights.
Illegal aliens do the time (usually 1/3 the sentence) and waltz out the jail or down the courthouse steps because INS never shows up to pick them up.
It costs the broke ass federal government $250 a day to jail, feed, medical, dental, council Illegal immigrants.
Its a cheaper option for them to let them back on the street shove the burden on the states.

They knew this back in 1965

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with unions.
The problem is caused by these illegal immigrants who are like animals that can’t control themselves.
Non stop impulsive sex with no birth control, different partners, constantly getting pregnant. Now add more free cash, medical and services for every baby on top of that
The feral offspring over crowding the schools now will repeating the process in a couple years. Most will never have jobs to support themselves
The borders must be sealed and revoke both the born right and cash for babies program’s
Birth control won’t work since most of the culprits are very promiscuous, superstitious and catholic. They will refuse to use it!
Enough with this BS already!

Kick them all out via 2 choices: Self deportation or some tent city camp out in the Texas or New Mexico desert.
Plenty of space for it

Auntie Invasion said...

Cut off the government benefit money to illegal immigrants, stop financially rewarding them to come here to have their jackpot children and the problem will be solved.

this is window dressing. Illegal aliens know that they can get away with murder.

Anonymous said...

Flushing is Illegal City USA !!! Bring in the Marines and clear this damn town out now ;-) Ahh imagine the peace and tranquility ;-)

Anonymous said...

See Joe Said as he sums up our situation and how it got that way in a concise way.

I would like to see continued our Federal $$ efforts to police the border with high tech surveillance - sensors - drones. At the state level - impose confiscation of businesses and mandatory jail sentences for hiring an illegal. As for the illegals themselves federal funds should by law provided only to citizens & green card holders with illegals prevented from hospitals, schools, social welfare and housing programs. Those caught using these public services will be jailed and deported as criminals stealing services.

There are many ways enforcement could be quite effective and locally cash strapped governments now have incentives to save costs.

Anonymous said...

When they are released from jail, how are they not DIRECTLY handed over to INS to be put on a boat back home? why even give them a chance to run?

Joe said...

In most states INS is told when they are being released from jail however INS never shows up to grab them.

In "Sanctuary" city's like NYC, Los Angeles, New Haven INS isn't notified at all.
In places like Riverhead and Farmingville these Illegal’s constantly drive drunk, no license, no insurance. They cause lots of accidents sometimes seriously hurting people.
Most the time the cops let them go with tickets.
They have no papers, give fake names like "Juan Lopez" and DOB for example and never show up in court or pay the fines.
---They are untraceable, the computers cant keep up with it.
The Army, Marines, National Guard and Marshal law are gonna be needed to clean this shit up if it ever happens.
These Brats WILL torch and pilfer everything when you cut off the gravy train.

Oh, Not to single out Hispanics
Its the same deal with the Asians. You must have over 400,000 people in Flushing going by the name Lee !
Over half are illegal however most your Asian's don't spit out kids every 11 months. They are monogamous and usually stop at the first boy or 2 kids

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see the cops raid City Hall - the criminals there have a much bigger negative impact on day to day life in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Republicans would be better off to court the Blacks who have profited the most from Reagan and are furious at illegal immigration than the Hispanics with long anti-American and pro-terror roots.

Anonymous said...

Cut off the government benefit money to illegal immigrants, whoever they are - Mexican, Chinese, Greeks etc and stop financially rewarding them to come here.

This means no access to Hospitals, schools, housing, jobs, business formation activity, ownership, State licenses and any public access citizens enjoy like parks, beaches etc.

Jail and confiscation of business who employ illegals, including property owners who house them or sell them services such as Attorneys, Insurance providers and other sustaining or protection rights.

In conclusion - the US government must exclude US constitutional rights and protections for illegal individuals. Above all else and inline with all countries in the world, citizenship will not be automatic for all children born in the USA except those of parents whom are citizens or legal aliens resident green card holders.

Anonymous said...

We need an Alabama type law here!

Anonymous said...

We need an Alabama type law here!

Amen! We would save at minimum, 2-3 billion dollars! We would have a much higher quality of life and housing that is freed up at lower rates.

Our crime rates would go down, undocumented workers would not clog our sidewalks each morning waiting for work and gangs would be put out of business without the drugs, protection rackets and prostitution trade they deal in.

Anonymous said...

Good job!
I'll bet those clubhouse Democrats are pissed at losing their votes!