Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Did Flake tweed a college?

From the NY Post:

New York political kingmaker and religious leader Floyd Flake rakes in the cash -- and leaves wreckage behind, critics say.

For five years, the former congressman headed one of the largest churches in the country in Queens while simultaneously running a small college in Ohio -- pocketing hundreds of thousands in salary and benefits from both places.

Now Wilberforce University faculty members say he bled them dry, setting the storied black Protestant college on the road to financial ruin.

“He came in and looted the place,” said Robert Fitrakis, a lawyer for the faculty who filed a complaint last month with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

The faculty is seeking to oust the current board and Flake’s handpicked successor, charging that they have breached their legal and financial duties.

The faculty members claim that after Flake became president in 2002, his compensation and perks skyrocketed, he hired cronies as high-priced administrators, he failed to raise enough money and he insisted on a pricey contract with the Princeton Review, where he sat on an advisory board.

In his last year at the college, 2008, Flake pulled down a total compensation package of $340,100, which included his salary of $145,833 and a retirement benefit of $149,267. He also had a $45,000 expense account.

Almost all of Wilberforce’s revenue, about 90 percent, comes from taxpayer dollars, including federal financial aid and government grants.


Anonymous said...

The reverend had to get his Racino investment money from someplace.

Anonymous said...

Tut tut tut.

Thought Ohio was Queens.

FlushingRepresenter said...

Willie Lynch is still projected to last another 190 years.

Anonymous said...

He's a black "Reverend"; they all promote their way to millions, both privately and with taxpayer money. When's the last time you saw one of these showmen who had taken a vow of poverty? It's a scam for them. No surprise.

georgetheatheist said...

Floyd is no boid.
Flake is no fluke.

He's the Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas.

A reeeeallll rinky dink.

A cornpone papa.
A ping pong papa.
A peach pie papa.

How's the wifey, Rev.? Is she still dat sheep shakin' Sheba?

Snazzy duds, Rev. Where'd you get 'em?

Floyd Flake. Our Man ob da Cloth.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed George....
nevah think I'd be hearin mention of
"Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas" struttin' his stuff agin....not since spinnin my chilhood 78RPM platta!

Iz gwine joyfully tap dance 'round da parlor til' iz weares out da rug.

Yo Rev Flakey Flake...how my doin?

Dat ol' Black magic done got me in its spell!

Anonymous said...

In the tradition of Rev. Ike of days of old. Too bad for Wilburforce--they have a good reputation. This is one more example of university misuse and it happens a lot. But why not look closer to home? CUNY for example. How many politicians are also 'professors'--teaching, if you stretch that word, one course for a nice salary and benefits and all lined up for a nice pension. On our dime, that is.What are the salaries at CUNY, btw? Mocker?

Anonymous said...

How do you think he was able to build his church in Jamaica, Queens?
He sat in Congress for a few years, pulled some strings, got his money, built his church, then left Congress.
This man is not from the cloth of God.
He should be in jail...
A born liar and thief...

Anonymous said...

ask ex/n.y.c./nys comptroller Alan Hevesi,former prof. @ Queens College, while he traveled to Albany's DEMOCRAT ASSEMBLY AND SENATE. Oh ! that's right, i forgot, he is in PRISON.

but he still collects your pension money from all of these positions of DISHONOR . is the amount $120,000 per year. and he also gets free health care in jail. what a country /and suckers.