Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why don't they get E-Z Pass?

From CBS 2:

The plastic pass requires an account with a cash balance from a credit card. One driver flatly said he didn’t want it, but his reasoning was uninformed.

“It’s too expensive,” he said.

The fact is, with E-ZPass you get a discount. A $6.50 fare is reduced to $4.80 with E-ZPass.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said out of its 25 million monthly transactions at nine bridges and tunnels, 20 percent were cash. The Port Authority said 25 percent are cash, instead of the electronic device, at its crossings.

“I can’t figure why they don’t have it,” another driver said.

And of course another reason some drivers might opt for paying cash is the fear that Big Brother is watching their every move.


Anonymous said...

Big brother is watching............. You might want to turn off your cell phone.We find it much easier to keep tabs on you!

Joe said...

EZ pass lanes keeps a huge database on servers up in Albany. Toll booths now take a photo, scan & time stamp license plates, windshield sticker bar codes with inferred lasers millisonds before an RF system read and re-meters the EZ pass.
Its getting pretty crazy with big brother

I’m guessing A good 1/2 of the people driving without EZ pass in "Sanctuary City" are without license, registration & insurance or on welfare.
Some of these people are experts who make a $$ killing off defrauding a government (that doesn't care) drive new cars but don't want tracking and trails. They are too afraid to get busted or lose all that free money, food stamps & housing handouts.

Churches library's and cultural center's actually have "how to get over seminars" in Spanish all over the city. Sometimes with out own tax $$

Anonymous said...

They have poor credit or none at all so can"t get the pass.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense - Make it mandatory and be done with it. Al Gore will thank you.

Auntie Invasion said...

try working for EZ Pass at the rodent infested headquarters at the end of Staten Island. once you get hired, it's the EZ Pass to the Unemployment Line!

they don't cotton to those over 35 years of age or anyone who takes a day off for necessary surgery. check the records on labor lawsuits against EZ Pass!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, where can I sign up for those get over seminars?

Anonymous said...

Joe, your plate is photographed,there are no lasers checking your stickers............take off the foil hat.

Anonymous said...

I was actually on a few of the crossings this past few weeks. There were times when there was more of a "wait" to get to the EZ pass lines than the cash lines.

I would suggest closing more of the cash lanes and making them EZ pass lanes (cash still has more booths than EZ does) but im sure some union will go ape-shit if they did.

Anonymous said...

Can't get E-Z Pass unless you have a registered vehicle. That I think is the stupidest rule. I don't own a car, but I do rent them often enough. But alas, I can't get E-Z Pass because I don't own the vehicle.

Anonymous said...

The entire EzPass system is corrupt and broken as for payback to any state that uses the sleazy-pass, I use a $50 dollar bill to pay a 75 cent toll and when I'm really pissed I use Penneys