Thursday, August 4, 2011

Asian pols want signs in English

From the NY Times:

Flushing, Queens, is one of New York’s most polyglot immigrant neighborhoods. But a member of the City Council, who is known by some as the unofficial mayor of Flushing, is railing against the dominance of Chinese, Korean and other foreign languages on storefronts.

The council member, Peter Koo, is no would-be Archie Bunker. He is a Chinese-American who grew up in Hong Kong and is proud of his Asian roots.

Mr. Koo said that diminishing the proper role of English on signs threatened to alienate non-Asian customers and residents. He is proposing a measure that would require all storefront signs to be at least 60 percent English. Businesses would face fines if they did not comply.

“This is America, no? If I go to a Polish neighborhood and only see Polish signs, I would not be comfortable,” said Mr. Koo, a Republican. “New York is a city of immigrants, and English is a way for different ethnic groups to communicate.”


Kevin Walsh said...

Koo is a Republican. Democratic Chinese/Korean legislators are less strenuous on this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Koo. It's about time someone stood up and took back America for Americans.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr Koo for trying to take back America for Americans. This should never have gotten to this point. But our elected Queens representatives all have their self- serving interests and are always looking the other way.
Keep up your drive Mr Koo!

Anonymous said...

By contrast to Councilmember Koo, Assemblmember Meng only issued a chinese/english pamphlet.

Anonymous said...

Business would increase if the Brothels signs were written in English.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Councilman Koo reveals his ignorance once again.

That's what he gets for convicted rapist/former councilman Dennis Gallagher "advising" him.

That state law has been on the books since the early 1900s not the 1930s!

But let's read between the lines to get at the real issue folks.

Asian business must be suffering.

Can they not get along solely on the trade of their own Easterners and now need Westerners to patronize their shops in order for them to survive in this faltering economy?

"Let's all now be friends", says Peter Koo-Koo and put up English signage!

Too little and too late....
you've lost the "round eyes" trade years ago and you won't be regaining their share of market.

Your "Starside" drug chain is on its own.

LOL....and have a nice day you-all!

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang's cousin,
John Liu is always playing the race card.

Stick to your bean counting Mr. (LOL) Comptroller!

You've hit your glass ceiling.

Rather than you...Christine Quinn for mayor!

And she'll get it!

Anonymous said...

Translation: Mr Koo is running for higher office.

Anonymous said...

The Meng/Stavisky duo only reissued a failed pamphlet that Leonard P. Stavisky issued years ago.

Who got the printing contract....Chuck Apelian's firm?

Who else did "follow the buck" Chuck get printing orders from....TDC?

Anonymous said...

Well that's it for Koo!

He won't be getting Asian campaign contributions....wheareas Meng and Stavisky will continue to reap thousands!

End of the line Peter!

He won't be seeing a second term either!

Anonymous said...

Koo you are the man, i hope you get re'elected

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it?

Suddenly it's become politically correct to demand English on foreign language signage.

My, how the table has turned.

When Councilwoman Julia Harrison first demanded the same, she was promptly branded "anti-Asian" and practically ridden out of town.

Nevertheless, even at this point in her "lowest ebb", she still won re-election with 65% of the vote!

If it weren't for term limits,
she'd still be in office today and Flushing would look better and more truly successful.

There would have been an end to all of those megalomaniac real estate war lords fighting over every scrap of available land to over-develop.

Flushing would truly have bcome a multicultural town with everyone having their fair share....
instead of it being a mono cultural exclusionary Asiatic colony as it exists today!

Anonymous said...

This issue again?? Flushing is a dump & it was lost 20 years ago, its time to move on people.

Anonymous said...

As alienating, dirty and overcrowded as Flushing is, I am more comforted by the Asian presence than I would be by a black, latino and/or Mid Eastern presence.

Anonymous said...

How do immigrants read the signs on their cars and appliances, which is much more dangerous? Signs in English are a public health issue, because you should be able to know if anything you are allergic to is nearby. It is also important for emergency services to know what they are dealing with in choosing their equipment in a hurry. If John Liu runs for mayor, Koo will beat him!

Anonymous said...

Right on, Mr. Koo!

Anonymous said...

Those people in Flushing do not want business from anyone but their own kind. I have experienced it first hand, working as a secret shopper. I never saw anything like it, I walked into their stores and they absolutely ignored me...looked straight at me and ignored me. This was not an isolated incident, this was several stores along Northern Blvd. Immigrants should not be allowed to come take over our neighborhoods, English is no longer the language in most of Queens.

Anonymous said...

White pols want signs in Chinese.

savvy shopper said...

If a shopkeeper dares to ignore my presence (this has happened to me even in non-Asian stores) I just whip out a Ben Franklin.

Next thing you know,
they drop to their knees....all smiles....
and kiss my balloon knot!

I actually got one shopkeeper to reopen the door right after she'd just closed it in my face.

How did I accomplish that?

By briskly waving a fan of greenbacks through the window.

She quickly unlocked the door as her eyes popped!

As soon as she had, I flashed her "the bird" and re-pocketed my bills.

Cash can do wonders....
especially in this economy!

Credit cards impress nobody these days.

Anonymous said...

The Meng/Stavisky duo only reissued a failed pamphlet that Leonard P. Stavisky issued years ago.

Who got the printing contract....Chuck Apelian's firm?

Who else did "follow the buck" Chuck get printing orders from....TDC?