Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jewish groups get fed the most pork

From the NY Post:

City budget data shows that Jewish affiliated nonprofits have far outpaced their religious counterparts in bringing home taxpayer dough. Jewish groups secured $4.26 million from City Council members in the 2012 budget, far more than Catholic groups, which will take home $517,250, and Islamic/Muslim groups, which secured $19,000.

The numbers reflect a million-dollar bump for Jewish groups, compared to this year’s budget, and a dip of $50,000 for Catholic groups.

The council distributes $50 million in so-called “member items” to nonprofit organizations citywide, and a recent report by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said favoritism is endemic in the flawed system.

Estimates vary, but according to 2008 data from the Association of Religious Data Archives, Catholics, at 62%, make up the bulk of the city’s population, followed by Jews at about 22%, Protestants at 10.7% and Muslims 3.5%.


georgetheatheist said...

How much do the Atheists get?

Anonymous said...

If you're a Jewish atheist, you're still welcome to use the taxpayer-subsidized kosher soup kitchen. Matter of fact, you can be a gentile atheist and the Masbia soup kitchen in Rego Park would still welcome you.

Moish said...

Could there be a grain of truth in that old bigoted pronouncement that this is "Jew York City"?

Anonymous said...


Look at the huge allotments that Toby Stavisky gets for her (still heavily Jewish?) North Flushing Senior Center.

Tell me she ain't buying votes!

Moby S said...

My North Flushing Senior Center doesn't serve pork!!! So there.

Anonymous said...

But...but...the holocaust!

Anonymous said...

"How much do the Atheists get?"

Nothing, we get discriminated against THE MOST and have no political representation whatsoever. Does an atheist even hold a political position in New York City?

Back to the topic at hand. This seems like something straight out of the protocols of the elders of zion. It is supposedly a forged document yet anytime I see articles like the aforementioned, it seems like the shit came right out of the book.

Forged document.... must be one really on point forgery.

Anonymous said...

what do you expect when they have voting boths in there apartment buildings on election days, hello... really. this is in a town where a congressional election is more about israli foregin policy rahter than americas and the interest of queens voters. god forbid you should say the palestinians have the right to live ON THERE OWN LAND

Anonymous said...

Jews know how to complain. They are professionals at it. Nobody should be surprised by this.

Able Abe said...

Kenna hurruh....if you make enough tsouris for the government....they'll shut you up with some sheckles.

Our race has learned
how to complain effectively.

While the goyem just kneel quietly and learn to accept sacrifice....
like it's their lonely cross to bear.

Anonymous said...

when their entire town in the Catskills vote for H.R.C. for U.S.Senator from NY, their convicted leaders get pardoned by W.J.C.

the leaders stole multi-millions in federal poverty (taxpayer ) money.

Anonymous said...

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Anonymous said...

Admire these people for no other reason that they stick together and get things done. All other groups complain but never as a group.

Say what you want, they get things done.

Anonymous said...

And all of Tommy Huang's friends get pardoned or skip with reduced sentences in NYC....including Tommy himself.

So what's new in politics?

Money talks and bullshit walks.

When the Asians can pool enough money together to buy or bribe officials....that's called power!

That beats a poor good guy like Al Centola who can't match his good words with dollars or a sizeable organized group.

"The Chinese
are known as the Asian Jews"!

Told to me by a most wealthy Hong Kong born Asian woman.

So organize or perish!

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "Palestine." It is NOT their land. Tell me: what is Pali's president, economy, flower, infrastructure, song, borders, culture, etc? NOTHING. IT IS ISRAEL. Good to know that QUEENSCRAP is CRAP..a bunch of Nazis.

You hate Jews so much? At least Jews have contributed to America and don't honor kill and bring in sharia. What a bunch of ignorant Schmucks on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Palestinians DO have the right to live ON THERE OWN LAND


but I still don't get kickbacks from this city