Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How about a solution?

Statement on Peninsula Closing
"Look at the attached press release from Y. Phillip Goldfeder and what do you see?

First is Joanne Shapiro, the former staffer for Audrey Pheffer, which shows that politics in Queens is a revolving door of the same old faces with connections.

Second is the vagueness and brevity of Goldfeder's statement and lack of a plan or solution to save the hospital.

Shouldn't Goldfeder at least try to come up with a solution, or will he simply express sympathy, attend a protest and then mourn the hospital once it closes?"

- a local voter.

In fairness, since I received a press release from the Deacy campaign, I thought I would include that:



Anonymous said...

Meanwhile even if Peninsula closes Rockaway still has a hospital but the majority of the mainland part of the 23rd district has NO hospital at all.

Tea Partyite Rep Party Hack Deacy or Party Hack Goldfedder are my choices. The tea party types done me and my country enough damage this week down in DC. Ain't voting to send one to Albany. Albany is dysfunctional enough now don't need any tea there to make things worse.

Anonymous said...

And Avella constantly announces his "Proposal of new Legislation" and never follows thru, Halloran Holla's and then never follows up, Padavan would write a letter about a letter to a government agency and cc the response (IF ONE WAS RECIEVED) to the original letter writer.

Anonymous said...

Jane Deacy has my vote, anybody who kisses the ring of Virginia Joe Crowley and his cronies is bad news.

Anonymous said...

So...kissing the ring of Ragusa and Bloomy is just as bad. A pox on both parties. The birds are chirping that she was the shoo in for the repub bosses but the dem bosses were none to happy with him so him it will be for me.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, shapiro is the gopher for the kid now ???? how embarassing.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

All 25 of you guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

The word hack gets used too much over here. It's unfair to honest cab drivers!

Anonymous said...

Shapiro must have been on line at McDonalds when the good Lord handed out brains or self esteem.

They pass her over for the Assembly seat after spending 30 years wiping Pheffer's ass.

Now they make her work for a kid who is a third of her age.

How humiliating.

Anonymous said...

Deacy??? A Bloomberg subsidiary.

Bloomberg, Michael R (NP) Mayor (2009)
Expenditure Payments
Deacy, Jane Breezy Point, NY 11697
8/31/09 $1,523.04 Campgn Wrkrs $$
9/15/09 $2,750.00 Campgn Wrkrs $$
9/29/09 $2,750.00 Campgn Wrkrs $$
10/14/09 $2,750.00 Campgn Wrkrs $$
10/29/09 $2,750.00 Campgn Wrkrs $$
11/12/09 $2,750.00 Campgn Wrkrs $$
11/27/09 $2,750.00 Campgn Wrkrs $$
12/23/09 $3,605.00 Campgn Wrkrs $$

Anonymous said...

It really is humiliating for Joanne Shapiro. She spends her life wiping Pheffer's ass, being made fun by everyone once she doesnt become the Assembly member, and now they are making her wipe Goldfedder's ass.

Why would she accept such humiliation ?

Anonymous said...

A paycheck?