Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gloria D'Amico Hospital on hold

From the Queens Chronicle:

The effort to reopen the old Parkway Hospital property has stalled at administrative levels while supporters of the plan are trying to move it along in the courts.

The state ordered the hospital closed in 2008. It also was connected to an alleged bribery scandal that has five people, including a state senator and an assemblyman from Brooklyn, facing federal criminal charges.

Also preparing to stand trial is Dr. Robert Aquino, who formerly ran the hospital.

John Krall of Queens is heading the effort to reopen the building as the Gloria D’Amico Medical Center, named for the late Queens County clerk.

But the state said this week that the group, Parkview, has not filed the necessary paperwork for review.

“In discussions for any reopening, the applicants must go through a certificate of need process,” said Peter Costantakes, a spokesman for the state Department of Health. “That applies to every hospital, every nursing home, and other facilities.”

Costantakes said the process allows the state to review the integrity of the applicants, their financing and other things to prove the proposal is feasible, They also must demonstrate a need within the community.

“Parkview is seeking to use a license that has expired,” he said. “They want to reopen under different leadership but haven’t done anything for a new application.”

Krall said the former license should have been considered suspended based on a state report which recommended keeping the hospital open — and the fact that Aquino has severed all ties to the operation and the property.

“He is gone,” Krall said. “We have private financing, and we are not asking for city, state or federal money.”


Anonymous said...

Why name it after D'Amico? What does she have to do with it? Is there a political motivation?

Missing Foundation said...

What the hell do you think? Those hacks must bust a gut behind closed doors every time Archie and Edith's name is mentioned.

They way you all slavishly act every time they pompously walk into a room, the way you stand, hat in hand, like the Russian serfs/mestizo peasants/prols most of you are.

And they way they shit on you, bullshit on you, and you patiently come back time and again, standing on the spot they assign, read the script they shove in your hands, never complain, and most importantly mindlessly vote time and time again for them as they take your taxes, your communities, and give it away to the venal developers who piss away their profits on second wives and slutty daughters with daddy's credit card bill.

Nice picture, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain what Missing Foundation is saying? I don't get exactly who the "you" and "they" and "hacks" are. Or what to make of the picture question.

Anonymous said...

Don't play stupid. I think it pretty clear to most of us.

Government, and the people that run it, and the party that they have serve, is broken.

It no longer serves the interest of the public, but their interests. This is true in Washington, Albany, and yes, my friend, in City Hall where, for example, the city council overturned term limits and gave us another four years of Blumburg.

Go to the first page and read 'Honest Graft' sidebar. Its been there for years.