Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Espada spent like a drunken sailor before he left

From the Daily News:

Disgraced former Senate Democratic Majority Leader Pedro Espada spent more on staff in the final three months of last year than any senator did during those same months and the following three combined, new records show.

The federally-indicted Espada, who is no longer a senator, spent $749,803 on staff in October, November and December, according to the latest Senate expenditure report.

Second was Sen. Carl Kruger, the criminally-charged Brooklyn Democrat, who in a six-month period from October through March spent $558,839 on staff. He was followed closely by John Sampson, who spent $520,526. The Brooklyn Democrat ended last year as the majority conference leader but this year is the minority leader given that the GOP reclaimed control of the house.

Current Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who last year was the minority leader, spent $208,160 on staff during the six months, according to the Senate expenditure book.

All told, total Senate expenditures during the six-month period was $48 million, which Republicans say is $3 million less than the Democrats spent the previous six-month period they were in control of the chamber.


Anonymous said...

For the Queens Senators that same report shows it cost the taxpayers:
482615 for Huntley
432329 for Smith
369306 for Peralta
290313 for Addabbo
258152 for Stavisky
The above were in office the whole 6 month reporting period. Those below were in office for 3 months of the reporting period:
Padavan 203243
Onorato 153700
Gianaris 113353
Avella 109261

Anonymous said...

lets all put our money together

lets all make sure toby staviksy's son gets evan stavisky gets thousands of dollars from the state senate

Anonymous said...

just spreading the wealth around.

Anonymous said...


ew_3 said...

as a frequently drunk sailor, I'm offended by the analogy.


Anonymous said...

I really hope that Jerry G. Love is out of a job.
what a bum.
he's the son of the woman wearing a straw fedora standing next to Espada on TV the other night. His former co defendant, Sondra Love