Sunday, August 7, 2011

Concrete tester accused of faking results

From CBS880:

A concrete-testing laboratory faked results for a LaGuardia Airport control tower, the new Yankee Stadium, the Lincoln Tunnel, a hospital and more than a dozen other projects around New York City, according to an indictment.

American Standard Testing and Consulting Laboratories Inc., President Alan Fortich and five staffers were expected to be arraigned Thursday on racketeering and other charges, becoming the latest of a string of concrete labs the Manhattan district attorney’s office has prosecuted on similar charges.

New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based ATSC’s phone number is disconnected, and Fortich didn’t immediately respond to an email message Thursday morning. Defense lawyers’ names weren’t immediately available.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh !
Perhaps that "s'plains" all the crumbling, cracks and failing service ramps in our new "state of the art" stadiums !!

Anonymous said...

Where does Tommy Huang & Son get their concrete Taiwan at the Donald Manes Memorial Lab?

Ask Chuck Apelian!

Jed Clampett said...

Well doggies!
That explains the crack in the cement pond. I thought it was Ellie May's critters that caused the damage. Or one of Jethro's bonehead stunts. Ya live and learn!

Claire Shillman said...

"Concrete tester accused of faking results"

Seriously? Heck. I've been faking orgasms for decades!

PS Nothing fell down at ShittyField when the Mets through a benefit for me. Thanks to the Mets my fines were paid and I went unpunished. Isn't life grand?

Evan S said...

Someone told me that one of my homes has faulty concrete. Which one? Duh?

Dee Truth said...

PS Nothing fell down at ShittyField when the Mets through a benefit for me.

Claire---it's threw not through. For example, every time I was in your presence, I threw up in my mouth!

Anonymous said...

With the oligarchs running amock in this country right now I guess we should be grateful these scum are actually being prosecuted.

It's amazing how the corporate mentality so often ends up enabling second-hand murder.

ew_3 said...

From the code of Hammurabi -

"If a builder builds a house for someone, and does not construct it properly, and the house which he built falls in and kills its owner, then the builder shall be put to death"

They had it figured out how to handle someone like this 3700 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, "ew_3"!

I didn't think anyone remembered what was once considered an essential part of everyone's education.

Hammurabi's Code is the Golden Rule.

It's wonderful and practical.

This kind of common sense puts an awful lot of ambulance chasers (lawyers) out of business.

It's they who are often responsible for delaying the dispensation of justice by running up their tabs.

Hammurabi was, in fact, the first Judge nonsense!