Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And the other boroughs get...?


Queens will be Queens said...

Why should be administration be more sensitive if the politicians in the outer boroughs tell us that this administration (and its policies) are more important than our wish of term limits,

our civic activists are little more than political wannabes looking for jobs from the clubhouse,

and the civic culture is little more than old biddies who want to be 'nice' to the 'boys and girls' in office and a great mass of shadowy illegal immigrants.

People, it ain't gonna change unless you do

Anonymous said...

The Steinway Mansion and Bowne House rots while our politicians look the other way at THIS?!?!?!

Kevin Walsh said...

I wish the city would concentrate on generating jobs.

Manhattan Resident said...

Huh? You guys want this nonsense in Queens? I'll trade you. All this does is jam up traffic for 6 hours. Funny how the grass is greener on the otherside, right?

Anonymous said...

Would love to have this in Queens!

Anonymous said...

our civic activists are little more than political wannabes looking for jobs from the clubhouse,



and the civic culture is little more than old biddies who want to be 'nice' to the 'boys and girls' in office and a great mass of shadowy illegal immigrants.



Mayor Mike said...

Divide and conquer!
Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh

Anonymous said...

staten island might as well be its own city...this boro gets nothing from the city..in fact the mayor never even goes to it..

Anonymous said...

The outers are just places for the Manhattanites to store their domestic help and food services workers. Nothing more. We should be working on the weekends, not out having fun. Afterall, they are gonna need someone to serve them their brunch after they take their stroll.

Anonymous said...

"And the other boroughs get...?"

S C R E W E D !

Anonymous said...

You vote for these elected "officials" and they fuck you in the ass and then you complain?


Hypocritical Blog said...


They tried to do summer streets in south brooklyn and it was rejected. If summer streets actually happened in Queens - Queens Crap would have an article about "look at this wasted space."

Please. Always complaining about something.

Queens Crapper said...

You really didn't seem to grasp the point of the story. The parks in the outer boroughs are inadequately funded while the DOT is turning Manhattan streets into defacto parks and handing out free roller skates and such. 4/5 of the city is not Manhattan yet gets shit.

Wake up, people.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Parks Dept & the way they handle the budget should be yelled at. Not the DOT.

Anonymous said...

I think a better solution is for manhattan to succeed as NYC, and the rest of the boroughs be consumed by their rightful owners - Queens & BK to Nassau County.

Bronx to Yonkers.

And....well maybe we can convince Jersey to take staten island.

The outer boroughs have such an apprehension to change, while manhattan seems to embrace it. It should just be what it is. Let the outer boroughs keep their identity as the outer boroughs - and let the tourists pay for NYC.

Queens Crapper said...

Perhaps the DOT should spend this money on fixing Queens roads instead of pretending recreation is part of their mandate.

Anonymous said...

I cannot help but wonder if Queens would be better served by declaring it's independence from the City of New York? The potholes in our streets are the last to be paved, our hospitals are closing left right and sideways while Manhattan's 900,000 residents get more than the 2 million residents of Queens. Boston has Cambridge across the Charles River, perhaps its time for the outer boroughs to express their displeasure by breaking away?

Anonymous said...

"I wish the city would concentrate on generating jobs."

But this is creating jobs. Creating jobs for those who must set up the sand boxes, tote the sand, erect the wall climbing apparatus, set up portable pools, set up and clean portable toilets, set up sound systems for the pols, arrange for insurance for the city in case of an injury, etc.

Also, the park rangers will be on patrol to stop cigarette smokers from puffing along the wide open esplanades while dog walkers allow their pooches to pee everywhere.

Then all the temp eguipment must be broken down and stored. More jobs.

Keving, Kevin, Kevin... open your mind to all of these opportunities that are being created by and for the Manhattanites. Your outer borough attitude is very divisive.

Anonymous said...

Our elected officials need to be defending us. The solution is quite obvious, our general political system needs to be changed.

Apparently, the masses are way too stupid to choose the right politicians for the job. This includes choosing the right politician that appoints people in charge. What's next?

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps the DOT should spend this money on fixing Queens roads instead of pretending recreation is part of their mandate."


The money spent on this nonsense could be used by DOT to fix streets or given to Parks to fix up some of our run down public parks. But that just makes too much sense in the land of Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

You guys are silly. Summer Streets costs nothing compared to how much the DOT already spends fixing the streets.

Way off target folks.

Anonymous said...

However much it costs, there is a better use for the money. Manhattan has central park to hang out in and mire money is probably spent on that park than all other parks in the city combined. Just think the money wasted on providing sandbox and roller blades to tourists and yuppies could probably covered the cost if the St. Saviours ULURP and given an underserved Queens community a place for their kids to play.

Anonymous said...

it is time to evaluate the success of the bloomberg PlaNYC playground to park conversions that started in 2009. presently the plan has gone broke,but some were completed.

my observation at P.S.159 Q in Bayside :19 trees were planted across the ball field. 15 trees died and were replaced. presently two more trees are dead.
sewer drains (24") are in the small running track, and under the rim of a 1/2 court basketball space.
look for accident liable suits against the D.O.E.and citizens.

there is a tree and two benches blocking the space for a full court B/B space. if ten ' of the undersized astroturf is removed , a fullcourt is possible.
the track and "green" rug astroturf is not used for any sport.
the main use is the B/B/ courts by the teens ,because of the attraction of "glass"shatterproof back boards. but NO FULLCOURT ,why ?

the ballfield was eliminated for 20 benches and trees and a gazebo,and useless track and "green rug ".
what a waste of our tax money.

my request to the CM Halloran's office finally got the principal to unlock the gates to the play space,after being locked 24/7. it was obvious to me that the space was newly designed for a sitting ,show, green
space ,locked forever from the local public teens use.

is it true that each tree cost over $1,000. and the project $3 million ?