Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cross Bay Blvd blight

"I'm living here 6 yrs as a condo owner at Magnolia Court Condominiums located on Cross Bay Blvd and South Conduit Ave in Ozone Park, Queens NY 11417.

The builders at the time of development and sales at the 48 unit development in 2004, advertised a commercial site with office buildings, up scale retailers with parking available at the entrance on Cross Bay Blvd, directly in front of the condo units located on the Blvd between S. Conduit Ave and 149th AVE.

To this day, some 7 years later, no construction has been implemented....the land is for sale, strewn with weeds, mice and a fence that keeps collapsing and leans precipitously onto S. Conduit ave.

Among the reasons for their purchasing their unit, many condo owners thought this would be a pleasant addition to our property...but it has gone bust!" - anonymous

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Anonymous said...

That's what you get for overdeveloping.