Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lots of ponds

Click photo for story - it's a 2 pager!


Anonymous said...

Forgotten NY does a great job. The best of the best of the web. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Sergey - always like your writing.

One comment: I believe that your description of "Golden Pond" is inaccurate.

There are two parks adjacent to each other in eastern Bayside - Crocheron Park to the south and John Golden Park to the north. The pond in question is in Crocheron Park just west of the Cross island Parkway and north of 35th Avenue, and is called Mickle Pond.

Paul Graziano

Anonymous said...

In the past few years Bowne Park has become a sewer.

Scum occupies the basketball courts come nightfall. They drink and eat and leave their mess at the curb.

The bocce courts are over monopolized by gambling Italios who will not let anyone play on the weekends or at night. They gamble on bocce and cards until the wee hours of the morning and scream and curse when they lose a bet.

Mexican, Korean and Chinese gangs are beginning to infiltrate the park late at night drinking and playing loud music.

People walk their dogs all over the place and few pick up the treats they leave behind.

People hold kids birthday parties in the summer months and leave their litter all over.

Contractors leave their bags along the curb knowing the sanitaion dept will eventually pick them up.

Complaints to the Parks Dept and 311 are ignored.

Anonymous said...

Algae, yummy!

Anonymous said...

There are also ponds in portions of Cunningham Park both east and west of the Clearview expressway in the "forever wild" section. I am not sure that all the ponds are permanent in nature but some of them are. With all the rain and snow we have had the past four months they are greatly expanded and worth a look. I was astonished a week ago to see one of these ponds, just west of Hollis Hills Terrace and 82nd Avenue, grow to at least 20 times the size it was this past fall. Amazing and sort of quiet and quite beautiful.