Monday, January 3, 2011

Bloomberg's hypocritical first amendment argument

From the NY Post:

As long as Mayor Mike is in the dock, let us also note that when it comes to building a mosque near Ground Zero, he has from the start stood behind the First Amendment -- sort of.

That is, he likes the part that gives Muslims the right to build a house of worship just about anywhere they want.

But the part guaranteeing a separation between religion and government?

Not so much.

That much became obvious last week with the release of e-mails demonstrating that City Hall did much more than offer the mosque's organizers routine help.

Even to the point of pressing Community Board 1 to cast an approving vote -- so that the chairman of the Landmarks Preservation Commission could be given the "political cover" he so urgently sought before his agency denied landmark status to the existing building.

That not only raises First Amendment questions -- it also provides serious doubts about the legitimacy of the LPC vote, which appears to have been dictated far more by politics than by any consideration of the building's architectural and historical merit.

All this is objectionable on its face.

But the violence it does the First Amendment takes the offense to a fundamentally higher level.

Government has no business advocating for any religion. That's the principle that chased Nativity scenes from the public square.

Leave it to Mike Bloomberg to cherry-pick one of America's founding principles.

One Muslim is saying it's time to look in the mirror.

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Mayor Mike said...

The press failed to report the fact that I bought an original copy of our Constitution in case there's a toilet paper shortage. Heh Heh Heh

Take that you goddamn freedom lovers. Wait til you see what I do for my next act!