Friday, December 3, 2010

Trees still pose danger 2 months after storm

From the Daily News:

It took millions of dollars and thousands of hours to clean up broken trees and other debris left by the September tornado and storm that ravaged parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

But some remnants of that so-called microburst still sit, perched precariously high up in trees along sections of Middle Village and Glendale.

They are hanging branches, and some residents are worried they could come crashing down on cars and pedestrians on Cooper Ave.

"Cooper seems to be the forgotten block," said Robert Holden of the Juniper Park Civic Association.

"There are these huge branches hanging over the sidewalk. I wouldn't park my car on that street. All you need is one strong wind."

After spotting at least eight trees with broken limbs, Holden wrote to Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski and asked her to look into the problem.

He even offered to have his civic group compile a list of potentially dangerous trees.

"I'm not an arborist, but some of these trees don't look very stable," he said.

"We want to know if there is an expert who is going around and doing an assessment."

Lewandowski promised to take care of the problem this week.

She said callers should provide specific information about a tree, such as nearby signs and street addresses, to help crews locate it.

"Eleven of 40 trees located along Cooper Ave. near St. John's Cemetery were found damaged after the trees were inspected today by Queens Forestry," she said in a statement.


Anonymous said...

It's a good point, I see broken tree limbs hanging overhead all the time. A good windy or rainy day sends these plummeting down like swords. Is the city monitoring for these situation, no.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen until someone gets hurt or is killed. The city really doesn't care about people, only the almighty dollar. When the city has to pay out because of their ineptitude, then they care.

Anonymous said...

""Cooper seems to be the forgotten block," said Robert Holden of the Juniper Park Civic Association."

Thank you Mr Holden. As i've said to you in past meetings,this side of Middle Village(South) is a forgotten zone. I hope you will help with the other issues we have here. I sure as hell know that calling Crowley's office is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

"I sure as hell know that calling Crowley's office is a waste of time."

I agree, I live in Glendale and dealing with Ms. Crowley's office IS a HUGE waste of time. They take your complaint and nothing is ever done. Cooper Av is forgotten, Glendale and Middle Village are forgotten. On election day WE should forget Crowley.

Anonymous said...

We are stuck with Crowley until the next election. Let's hope there is a viable candidate to run against her. She's the worst!

Anonymous said...

Please don't shop in Metropolitan Ave stores this holiday season. If the businesses won't chip in, then they don't deserve our holiday money. No holiday lights along the avenue is a disgrace.