Monday, December 6, 2010

Residents stumped in Jamaica

From NY1:

Pedestrians say they have no other option but to walk across the cracked and crumbling sidewalk along the service road of the Van Wyck Expressway. But that doesn’t mean they feel safe while doing so.

Residents say they have complained to the landlord, who told NY1 the sidewalk was damaged when a city tree fell about three years ago. Parulakhter Akhter says the city removed the debris, left the stump, and never came back.

In fact, a great deal of the sidewalk along the expressway between 138th Street and Jamaica Avenue has been uprooted by the city's trees. Some say the sidewalk looks more like a skate ramp than a walkway.

Akhter claims three years ago she and her husband called 311 several times about the sidewalk, but they never got a response. So they gave up on trying to get it fixed.

But when I noticed the damaged sidewalk, which is the responsibility of the Parks Department, I got involved. The Parks Department says it has no record of any 311 complaints about this location, but the homeowner can call 311 to request a free repair under the city's Trees and Sidewalks Program, or repair the sidewalk themselves under the Park Department's guidance.

The homeowner says this is the city's issue. Not hers. So she will call 311 to request the free repair.

NY1 will continue to follow this story.


Anonymous said...

Parks Dept. claims there is no money to remove the stumps of trees,only to remove the trees ?more bike lanes and concrete tourist sitting areas on Manhattan avenues.....instead of replacing 50 year worn curbs on 42 avenue in Bayside,they installed new ultra modern bike lanes and steel enforced curbs under the Queensborough Bridge at 23rd street in L.I.C.

hail to the mayor and sadik-kahn......

Anonymous said...

The Parks Department says it has no record of any 311 complaints about this location,

- That's because Bloomberg is lying with the city's numbers. Making this city SQUEEKY CLEAN for the tourists who have all of our jobs now, to come here and spend, spend spend!