Sunday, December 12, 2010

Replacing MetroCard to become easier

From NY1:

Straphangers will soon have an online option for replacing faulty Metrocards.

The Daily News is reporting that riders will be able to get replacement Metrocards online starting next year.

Riders currently submit their claims in postage-paid envelopes picked up at token booths.

But a report in the News earlier this week found the envelopes were difficult to come by.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority tells the Daily News that the automated option will shorten wait times for replacement cards.

Nearly 170,000 claims of defective cards are processed each year.


Anonymous said...

System is a real joke. Had to replace mine a few months ago.

The token booth clerks did not have the form - and considered the system a sham.

Here is what you do: go to 3 Stone Street (website says 2 Stone) to the MTA office, bring in a form you can get from MTA customer service on line, show them a copy of the reciept (yea, always get and keep a reciept when you buy a metrocard) and present the same to the teller.

Takes about a month.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is ever easy in this city. The goal is to frustrate the middle class and make them move out.

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of issues with cards that had small amounts on the card. So you let it go because it's too much trouble otherwise to deal with long lings and clerks who think your giving them a hard time and are morons anyway.