Monday, December 13, 2010

Push to reopen Parkway Hospital

From the Times Ledger:

Robert Aquino, the former chief executive officer of the now-defunct Parkway Hospital, sent a letter last week to the state health commissioner in an effort to pressure the state to reopen the Forest Hills medical center, which he said would strengthen health care in a borough hit hard by the closure of three major hospitals and add more than 1,000 jobs.

“We felt that before Gov. David Paterson leaves, he could do something to help Queens,” Aquino said in an interview. “We’re following the emergency room times in Queens, and they’re getting worse and worse and worse. Maybe Gov. Paterson could in the 11th hour call the commissioner and say there is a disaster in Queens and we need to do something about it.”

Aquino said he sent the Dec. 3 letter to Health Commissioner Richard Daines because he worried that if state officials did not act to reopen Parkway now, it would be months before Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo would have the time to address the issue.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure about Aquino's intent but I am all in favor of reopening hospital facilities closed in recent years as an argument to reopening a facility is cheaper and less expensive than building new facilities on new sites once these former hospital properties are converted to new uses.

Snake Plissskin said...

Next time a local weekly has some loving photo spread of our 'intelligent' 'hard-working' 'forward thinking' polticans note how many guys that resemble Jabba the Hut that are in Queens real estate are standing beside them.

Like the invisible monkey in the car commerical last summer, all I can say is 'amazing.'

Katheeeee Blaque said...

I say whatever it takes...even corpulent ne'er-do-wells who don't look like they should be anywhere near health care may be well-meaning. Reopen every closed hospital, I say. Fuck corporate interests and their ability to make money off my body or the land upon which the health facility stands.


Maybe if the million illegals did'nt use the hospital as a primary care physician for belly aches then these hospitals wouldnt have to close!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why not open St. John's Hospital again? It is much more accessable to people via bus and train. It's just sitting there gathering dust. I agree with Joe. Cut off free medical services for all these illegals and make them go home. They are the reason hospitals are closing.

Anonymous said...

Parkway has a huge modern building and a sizable parking lot for future expansion. Its location near two highways also makes it ideal as a hospital.

Anonymous said...

St. John's has a parking lot behind the hospital and is next to the LIE. It also has the subway there and various buses at its door. Queens needs both hospitals. There's so much development and so many people, yet the hospitals keep closing. What would happen if we had a major terrorist attack? Where would people go for medical treatment?

Anonymous said...

There's so much development and so many people, yet the hospitals keep closing.

As long as you nitwits keep re-electing those morons and giving them 80% of the vote as they destroy your community with overdevelopement you don't deserve first rate services.

If was important, you would do something about it - doormat.