Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pelham Parkway trees are goners

From the Bronx Times-Reporter:

The legal battle to save more than 70 mature trees along Pelham Parkway seems to have come to an amicable solution.

The city and the Pelham Parkway Preservation Alliance reached a compromise on Friday, November 12 that guarantees that no more than 50 trees will be removed from Pelham Parkway during the two-year, $36 million reconstruction project. The Pelham Parkway Preservation Alliance, which had filed a suit to have the city agree to specific guarantees on how many trees they will remove during the project, and won a temporary injunction against the start of the project, have agreed to drop their lawsuit if the city sticks to the agreement.

As part of the settlement, no healthy, mature trees will be removed until a technical working group assesses each individual tree; the project’s construction by the Department of Design and Construction will employ measures designed by the Parks Department to protect all trees; all tree work will be performed or supervised by a certified arborist, and should include the installation of tree protection barriers during construction; and the city has reaffirmed its commitment to plant at least 246 new saplings. No more than 50 trees will be removed by DDC, and only diseased trees will be removed by Parks.

Wow, they'll only remove 50 trees instead of 70! And that's supposed to be something to celebrate...


Anonymous said...

Bloomtard is the "root" of all evil!!!


Anonymous said...

50 out of 70. Disgraceful!

Anonymous said...

Only in New York would something like this be allowed to happen. Any other city would have squashed this long ago.

Rego-Forester said...

Trees are a blessing that the city wishes to eradicate, despite saying that they are committed towards greening NYC. We lost thousands during the tornado, and there is no excuse for killing our existing trees that convey life, aesthetic beauty, environmental sustainability, and shelter from the sun. Their actions revolve around burning the wick at both ends. Anyone who wishes to discuss this with me, please feel free to... unlockthevault@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

All these "improvements" to protect people who cannot keep their cars on the road. Fuck em, let em crash and let the trees live.