Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meeks' PAC has phantom office

From the NY Post:

Rep. Gregory Meeks' Build America Political Action Committee pays $325 in monthly rent for a phantom Queens office.

The organization says it is based in "Suite 535" at 153-01 Jamaica Ave., but there is no such office in that building, which houses Meeks' district office and his campaign committee.

And the building's manager said it had no record of the Build America PAC as a tenant.

The questionable spending is one of several inconsistencies in the PAC's records, a Post review found.

The organization's legal fees jumped this year after Meeks became the target of a federal investigation. Lawmakers are not allowed to use PAC money for their legal defense.

The Queens congressman has long faced challenges in reporting both his personal finances and political spending. Just last month, he disclosed four omissions to his mandatory congressional financial disclosures, including "approximately" $3,500 in gambling winnings in 2008.

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