Thursday, December 2, 2010

Isn't it ironic?

From City Hall:

Last week, Andrew Cuomo announced that he was prepared to spend the $4 million left in his campaign warchest—and raise more, if necessary—to push back against the unions and other special interests who may oppose his agenda when he takes over as governor.

“I understand the argument that they are going to make,” Cuomo said on Fred Dicker’s radio show last week. “I have a contrary argument. I have an argument that the people of this state just endorsed. I have an agenda that the people of this state just endorsed by a very large margin.”

Cuomo raised about $33 million for his campaign, with the first dollars coming in not long after he was elected attorney general in 2006. Of that, about $1.7 million came directly from unions and union political action committees, in addition to other money that was donated by individual unions or lobbyists associated with unions. Now, with Cuomo’s declaration that he will use what is left in the pot to take them on, some of the people who helped put money in the pot are left shaking their heads.

“Life is full of ironies,” said Stephen Madarasz, communications director for the Civil Service Employees Association, one of the public employee unions that has left little question that it will oppose cuts Cuomo proposes, and which gave Cuomo $20,000 between donations in 2007 and 2009.

Adding to the irony in Madarasz’s view is the thought that Cuomo could end up using donations culled from union dues to fight back against a union made up of government employees.

“If the boss is out there attacking his own employees with advertising that they’ve paid for, it really adds another dimension to it that would be sort of absurd,” Madarasz said.


Anonymous said...

Go for it, Andy!!!

Anonymous said...

Andy: deeds, not words.

Anonymous said...

I like this sort of absurd move. Drain Andy's stash given to him by unions to then fight a union - yes I like this very much! We need to lower taxes and the State unions are the perfect places to cut first.

Anonymous said...

Whats absurd is thinking a union is there to help you.

Joe said...

Unions = Theives.

Try and buy a ticket to a Broadway play or Rockafeller Center Christmas show it coast you $500+ for a family of 4 to pay for some $225 hr IATSE boss who own's 4+ houses and a boat.
I was an IATSE member, those bastards were garnising 30% off the top of my pay check (No choice If you want to work the good gigs in NYC, the Union "familys" have them all locked up)

An entry level sanatation starts at around $100K a year not including overtime.
Both local and federal goverment have NO money services are paid for it with THE PEOPLES money.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised.

Anonymous said...

"Not surprised." says Queens Teacher. You're not surprised that Cuomo would go after the unions that supported him? If that's the case I hope you voted for Paladino.

Anonymous said...

will Andrew Cuomo become a modern day "Diogenes of Sinope" and carry a lamp in the daytime claiming to look for a honest man?

"those who have virtue always in their mouths, and neglect it in practice, are like a harp,which emits a sound pleasing to others,while it self is insensible of the music."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All the publicists likely planned this for show, the public's being duped.
Some skeleton or blackmail must have surfaced.
The public deserves what they get for being duped into electing this a'O.