Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cop busted for illegal busts

From the NY Post:

A veteran NYPD narcotics cop who was a member of two troubled undercover units framed at least seven people for drug buys that never took place in Queens and Brooklyn, sources said.

Detective Adolph Osback, 38, was named in a 48-count indictment for writing up bogus reports for three separate cocaine sales in Queens when he was assigned to the borough's narcotics unit, leading to charges against five victims, according to sources.

The unit has suffered numerous black eyes in recent years, including a probe for drinking on the job as well as one cop jailed for pimping out a teen girl and another who coerced sex from women he arrested.

In addition to the accusations in Queens, Osback was indicted on similar charges in Brooklyn last Friday, the sources added. The details on that case were not known, but two people whom he arrested were cleared.

Sources said that in many instances Osback would trap his "suspects" by dropping "buy money" on the floor. Osback would then finger the person who picked up the marked bills as the buyer, the sources added.

In the Queens case, Osback, who joined the NYPD in September 2000, was charged with unlawful imprisonment for locking up two of the five victims between January 2006 and May 2007. Drug-dealing charges against all of them were dismissed, the sources said.

Osback, now assigned to a housing unit, has been suspended and was freed on $10,000 bail after being arrested on Nov. 16.


Anonymous said...

Big lawsuits coming up. Thank you NYPD for costing us MORE money by hiring the most incompitent and morally void individuals.

The way on drugs is the biggest failure in American history.

The war on drugs = massive civil rights violations (mostly the Fourth Amendment of the United States Consitution).

The Prison industrial complex is a result of the war on drugs and is actually in my mind a violation of the Eights Amendment of the United States Consitution.

The names were changed to protect the GUILTY.

Anonymous said...

all this means is that the drug dealers could afford lawyers that actually did some work, unlike the usual ineffective counsel provided to poor people. drug dealers are not poor people.

Anonymous said...

"Osback would then finger the person who picked up the marked bills as the buyer, the sources added."

Wouldn't he be fingering them as the seller? The buyer would have to be picking up cocaine.

What a piece of shit.