Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pete explains why crime is up

From the Queens Gazette:

As a result of less cops and weaker laws, certain crimes in the 114th Precinct, and everywhere else, have been increasing. Burglaries, robberies and car thefts are up this year, and we already have almost twice as many murders as we had ALL of last year. While the murder on 28th Street and Ditmars Boulevard and the attempted murder near Mike’s Diner on 31st Street involved targeted individuals with drug histories who did not live in this neighborhood, that is little consolation.

Quality of life crimes have risen as well. Once we overlook graffiti, loud radios, litter in the parks, a growing homeless population on 31st Street, just to name a few, worse crimes follow like night after day. But without beat cops, bike cops and neighborhood patrols, this was to be expected.

It is NOT the fault of the NYPD. The blue line has been stretched too thin, and without Commissioner Kelly and the work of the men and women of our force, this would have happened much sooner.

While we live in one of the safest neighborhoods in one of the safest big cities in America, if we don’t stop this slide, it will be even harder to reverse. Concrete steps need to be taken, and taken soon.

We need to lose the attitude in our courts, our legislatures and our streets that the war on crime is over and won, and therefore we can continue to eviscerate everything that allowed us to bring this city back from the brink in the early ’90s.

We need more cops, longer jail sentences and tougher laws. We need Albany to reform its wild spending ways and stop taking $14 billion more from New York City than it gives back so we don't have to continue to choose between our cops, firefighters, district attorneys’ offices, and everything else as the city makes cuts Albany forces it to make.


Anonymous said...

When we had "zero tolerance" everybody screamed police state,but crime was low.Now we are down 6000 cops +another 1000 detecives(they're assigned to counter-terrorism duties).Not only that but the average cop on patrol ihas 3 years on the job.

Anonymous said...

n.y.c.political waste of tax revenues for many years by the dictatorial machine.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

First of all the NYPD has been wasting way too much time that could be used to fight crime wrongly and unjustly ticketing innocent New Yorkers up to their eyeballs so Mike and his mini-me Christine Quinn can steal even more money from middle class and low income tax payers. Hey we have to pay 2 million for mike's campaign staff he hired after the election he barely won despite paying 110 mill.

The NYPD throughout NYC are ticketing excessively and wrongly while turning a blind eye to rich people - go to my blog and type in Mercer will see one posting that really gives meaning to "blind eye" will know when you get to the posting...

Mike insists on ticketing artists vendors and Viet Nam, Korean War, are Vets all part of Mike Bloomberg and his rich party class of people sweeping New Yorkers out of the city for their development plans and greed and they use the NYPD as a tool.

Unemployment is staggeringly high and among those employed many don't earn a living wage including the NYPD. If only we could create a harder NYPD test, make all NYPD take it, let go any that don't pass it. Those that do get a big raise -- impossible because the city is bust and the deficit for NYC next year is staggering but that won't stop Christine Quinn and city council from voting themselves another raise.

I want the NYPD to be paid a better salary so they don't need a 2nd job and can stay home with their families rather than work a 2nd job. I want them to be stopped from wrongly ticketing New Yorkers and redirected to fighting crime which includes the NYPD and the DA removing blinders when it comes to the rich.
Put on your safety belts because corrupt politicos from Albany to City Hall along with Mike Bloomberg reckless development as stupid and greedy as Wall St. implosion have brought the City to a hellish place that will be worse next year.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Pete, why do you ignore quality of life issues when you rezoned your community.

1. Con Ed blackout because the pols and the community board all but encourgages illegal conversions over powering the grid.

2. Smells like a shithouse because the pols and the community board all but encourages illegal conversions over powering the sewers.

3. Now is becoming crime ridden because the pols and community board all but encourages illegal conversions that have destroy quality of life making the community undesirable for anything but riff raff.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary

Astoria: West Elmhurst

Anonymous said...

Wadda ya expect Don "Junior"?

La Famiglia Di Vallone has supported over development in Astoria for countless decades.

Now that the nabe has become "vibrant" with lower class immigrants (many illegal) you dare to complain about increasing crime stats.

You and your sleazy pappa allowed it all to take root!

Do you really care anyway...aside from the political public relations mileage you're gaining from showing concern?

You, daddy and sibling Paulo live in the posher nabes.

Anonymous said...

Since no one has mentioned it, has Mr Public Safety, well, failed his own community on Public Safety.

The really funny thing he would still get elected with 80% of the votes.

Freakin morons. They deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Peter Vallone, Jr. for district attorney if he ran for that office.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Peter Vallone, Jr. for district attorney if he ran for that office.


ok i know, swell public record and healthy community management that will carry over into THAT office.

Anonymous said...

Because he is tough on crime.

Anonymous said...

Might I add that Pete as DA would also keep him out of the ULURP process, which is really why I would push him in that direction.

Anonymous said...

"loud radios"????

Queens Crapper said...

The NYPD responds to 311 noise complaints, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey didn't two "hits" happen on Petes block? wasn't one kept under wraps?

Anonymous said...

Uh...weren't those mob hits?

Do you think that Don Pietro Vallone would dare to interfere with another family's business?

Maybe the Famiglia Di Vallone should be checked out...going way back to Charlie "the judge" (and the "Variety Boys Club") to see what other things, besides political thuggery they might have been involved in.

Anonymous said...

Astorians, stick together like your fathers and grandfathers did in the 1930s and in the dark days of the 1970s.

If all the men in Astoria have to buy baseball bats and every woman a hidden weapon, DO NOT LET THE SKELLS TAKE OVER.

Anonymous said...

'If only we could create a harder NYPD test, make all NYPD take it, let go any that don't pass it. '

Cops have to take a test to get on the force and they also need a certain amount of college credits. Raises are based upon time in rank and what contract is made with the city.

They are barely attracting enough candidates, imagine if they set the bar higher. I would bet you that the ACLU and other organizations would step in and say that this was discriminatory and would create a less diverse police force. I'm just say'in.

Anonymous said...

dear suzannah, please list the corrupt politicians and their party in your comment . keep up the good work. pace yourself.

we must know who they are in order to vote them out in NOVEMBER.

the f.d.n.y. is now under federal court order to lower the standards on the test for minorities. google JUDGE NICHOLAS GAREIFIS, a queens wonder boy ,columbia law,p.s.41,bayside h.s.,cpb 11,csd 26 member,counsel to bp shulman,lawyer at FAA,apointed by bubba (the impeached president) clinton.

Anonymous said...

We only have Bloomberg to blame for this. While he has been actively fudging city numbers and statistics and painting a rosy Disneyland scenario for New York City to attract the hoards of nuovo riche here, this crime slide has been very real for the outer boros and our neighborhoods. It is a disgrace to see so many people that have lost their jobs and their homes living on our city streets while most people walk right on by and do not lend a helping hand.

This is WORSE than the 70's ever were here. At least people cared about one another and helped each other when they could have when times were rough back then. Now, since many people who have come here in the last 10 years do not give a rat's ass about New York since they do not see themselves as putting down roots and investing in our neighborhoods, we have a society that produces these consequences. It's all about ME ME ME and the hell with YOU YOU YOU.

Bloomberg, stop lying and just LEAVE NEW YORK already. Do something useful with your life like RETIRE!

Anonymous said...


i direct you to the n.y.s. and n.y.c. social services for these people .your taxes (the highest in the Nation) pay for the food ,rents ,children out of wedlock with medical/dental till 26 years of age,99 weeks of unemployment(as much as $1600.00 per month),school lunches,buses and $20,000. per year per pupil.


Anonymous said...

T-bone beats Bologna every time.