Sunday, August 1, 2010

City fines elderly couple for contractor's work

From CBS 2:

An elderly Brooklyn couple ticketed by the city for having a driveway that is too wide says the city is responsible for the alteration.

City Councilman Michael Nelson is joining the effort to have the summons dropped against Tim Sit's Chinese immigrant parents.

The family and neighbors said city-hired contractors did underground pipe work and repaved their Sheepshead Bay driveway curb. Now, the couple could be fined or forced to pay for the construction to bring the curb to code.

CBS 2 HD showed Councilman Nelson video -- recorded by Tim Sit -- of the contractors working on his parents' driveway.

"This is really just a terrible act perpetrated by a city contractor on this poor couple," Nelson said.

Nelson said that he will do "everything" in his power to ensure the couple doesn't have to "pay one plug nickel" for the alleged violation.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Under Mike Bloomberg the city of New York may have set a new record for ticketing innocent people. I also think Mike and his socialite mega millionaire city planner Amanda the peoples' Burden have displaced a record amount of New Yorkers. I have 2 YouTubes on ticketing oh so wrong. Go to youtube search engine type Suzannahartist ticketing. I have lots of blog postings on ticketing abuse as well.

Anonymous said...

its their fault for being born here. if they were illegal in house provided courtesy of a shady NINJA loan, none of this would have happened. shame on this old fogeys for having the nerve to be born here and not expect this to happen.

Anonymous said...

This sounds EXACTLY like what was told to me when I reported illegal conversions in Astoria to the D.O.B. that have caused an incredible amount of flooding to half the houses on my block (24th St / Ditmars). I was told that the landlords had to be privately sued with our own money in order to force these people to comply with codes that WERE NEVER ENFORCED.

Only in New York. And only because of Bloomberg and his corrupt "elite".