Monday, August 16, 2010

College Point boys missing

From the Village Voice:

​The NYPD is asking for the public's assistance locating two brothers, Xu Xiao Hu, 13, and Jiale Jovial Hu, 9, who have been missing since yesterday afternoon from their residence at 22-55 125th Street, Queens. Xu Xiao is 5'5" and Jiale Jovial is 5'0"; both have short black hair and are pictured. If you have any information as to their whereabouts, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS(8477).

From Eyewitness News:

A desperate search is underway for two missing brothers from Queens.

The boys, ages 13 and 9, were last seen around 2 p.m. Sunday in their home on 125th Street in College Point.

Their mother is in China. The boys were in the care of their father when they vanished.

Anyone who has seen either of the boys is asked to call police.


Babs said...

Wow - so close to home.

I have to think though that this was an "inside job".

It doesn't say if the parents are divorced, but since the mother is in China and the boys are "in their father's care" it would not be surprising if this was an ugly custody battle and that a relative took the kids to China on the mother's behalf.

In any respect - I hope that the children are safe and are being taken care of.

georgetheatheist said...

Her wheels are turning - Babs on the ball.

Babs said...

why George - such a sweet comment from you is appreciated :)

Deke DaSilva said...

Xu Xiao Hu, 13, and Jiale Jovial Hu, 9........Xu Xiao is 5'5" and Jiale Jovial is 5'0"

They seem quite tall for children who are only 13 and 9, and also much taller than the average Asian kid. They should easily stand out in a crowd, hope they are found.....

Anonymous said...

Wow, Deke DaSilva makes a really spiteful comment. A tragedy happens and you try to take a jab at asians being short. You are beyond sad. It belies the shortness of your sad attitude.

Deke DaSilva said...

Wow, Deke DaSilva makes a really spiteful comment. A tragedy happens and you try to take a jab at asians being short.

5'5" is tall for a 13 year old, as is 5'0" for a 9 year old. It's also above average for an Asian kid. That's a FACT. Do you have trouble with abstractions and concepts such as group averages, and physical characteristics used to describe racial and ethnic groups?

Do you think that piece of information (height and age) might perhaps be relevant to police officers on the beat, who are told to be on the lookout for these kids?

Why stop there? Perhaps you also think it's "racist" that the article mentions that their mother is in China?

Maybe they shouldn't have included a picture of them, isn't that "racial profiling"?

Maybe they shouldn't have even bothered with this story at all, because people might think ALL Chinese people engage in kidnapping, and therefore that's racist, right? Only in YOUR mind perhaps.

Maybe you're the one with a fixation on irrelevant racial issues?

You are beyond sad. It belies the shortness of your sad attitude.

No, you're the pathetic one. Only an idiot wanting to score cheap political points could possibly read what I wrote and come up with such an asinine comment.

Anonymous said...

They were found today safe and sound at an internet cafe. Now the question will be who gets custody of the children?

ew-3 said...


Get a room guys...

Babs said...

don't be jealous now EW-3. . .

Glad the kids are safe. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Quick, check the sweatshops!

Anonymous said...

Oh Brother, Deke DaSilva, don't have a cow! Yes asians are short on national statistics. No contest there! You win. Hands down. I don't argue with you.

But it's still sad that you choose to focus on that fact when a tragedy happens. It is a callous comment. If you ever lose your kids, (supposeing you are an average american) I hope someone doesn't say - "Gee, 80 lbs for an american kid? (Most american kids are obese). That's thin for an american kid. The cops will have no trouble finding him!"

Don't make heartless remarks when someone loses their kids. This transcends any race.